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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend? (2019)


I’ve got others, but I CANNOT RAVE ENOUGH about Russian Doll, on Netflix. Its starring the incomparable Natasha Lyonne who I totally fell in platonic luurve with years ago in Slums of Beverly Hills (If you haven’t seen it, you must!!). This series really blew me away. I expected a lil more obscure intellectual, which can be good or bad, but its just got a flavor of that, really. Its a bizarre twist of totally ‘gritty’ and real world with an incredibly uplifting without being schmaltzy ‘inter-connectedness of all of us’ sort of thing happening. Anyway, no way I can do it justice. Check it out!

@Molly_Mcghee @TorturedZen I’m dying to watch that The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel, but alas, the Amazon Prime hath died a painful death. My subscrip ran out! lol But its first on my list for when we re-up.


Umbrella Academy was so much fun! I did NOT expect it to be that dark, but was pleasantly surprised.


American Gods is starting again soon!!! Like March 10th!!!:grin:


I really enjoyed Russian Doll, as well @OddModicum… and I’m in love with Natasha Lyonne in a not so platonic way. :fire::fire::fire:


Lmao, she is hot, in a totally b&llsy-broad kinda way. Did you see ‘Antibirth’? If not… wow, she’s really rather revolting hot mess (but still pretty dang nifty) in that.


Haven’t seen that! I’ll check it out. Her role in “But I’m A Cheerleader…” is what really, uh, did it for me. :joy:


Omg, holy sweater-sets, Batman. ‘But I’m A Cheerleader’ is of my absolute faves, though I do have to be in right mood for it. RuPaul was so bizarre in that… just almost the antithesis of his authentic self (which I’m sure was the point). And I love Clea Duvall and Michelle Williams. Saved! sorta struck a similar chord for me. That was fun, also.

As for ‘cant be missed’ tv shows, has anyone mentioned “Preacher” on Hulu? Oh wow, outstanding and bizarre and totally wild. And Ruth Negga is just divine, like 40s screen goddess with a modern day attitude divine. The whole triptych of main characters is so outstanding, just rocks my socks.


Ok, now I’m off to get the Justin Cronin “The Passage” books. I’ve heard about the trilogy, but never read em. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m always dying for good book recs.


Awesome show. Shame they didn’t renew


I can relate. I’ve had quite a few shows fall into that category. =/


They’ve just cancelled Arrow now.
Its like they don’t even care! :sob:


I like The Last Kingdom on Netflix. It’s based on a book series written by Bernard Cornwall. It’s kind of like History Channel’s Vikings but better IMO. They’re both around the same time period. There’s a lot of the same historical characters in both shows but depicted differently.


Ok, now I practically LIVE on Netflix, and am a huge fan of Vikings. How have I managed to miss Lost Kingdom? Now I have to go track down books and series. Sounds totally up my alley, thank you!

And can so relate to the ‘they cancelled THAT???’ trauma. I’m still grouchified that they canceled Firefly, and that was what… 15 years ago, now? Seems like every time I truly adore a series, I’m lucky if I get 2 seasons out of it. That must mean I have oddball, bizarre taste in drama, or something. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Btw, @INOIROC I dig your Kenny!


Just one word (well two words technically) - The Expanse

Fourth sesion in works, and the first three seasons are perfect. Moved from Netflix to Prime Video

It was probably mentioned before but I just re-binged all three seasons and it’s amazing!


Doom Patrol. Loving the humor in this. Man, Brendan Fraiser aged!


/shakes fist


Well, FX cancelled it and Amazon resurrected it so all I can say is thank you :slight_smile:


@adary Probably one of, if not the best SiFi series belter loader…


I couln’t agree more. Battlestar Galactica is still my #1 favorite, but this one is definite #2 (and I read the books before watching the show)


The original or the revisited version?

:laughing: I just got done watching the original series (on DVD) a few days ago. Boy. It was campier than I remembered. But still, very nostalgic! chuckles

Had me itching to watch Buck Rogers afterwards (which I don’t have).

I miss Andromeda.
And Firefly.
And Eureka.