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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend? (2019)


I grew up watching the original version, but the revisited one is the awesomesauce.

And I miss all the shows you do. I’m personally preparing myself for a Farscape binge next weekend :slight_smile:


New movie Mortal Engines. I’m a sci-fi geek


@adary Omg, Farscape… haven’t seen that in waaay too long. And +1 for the new Battlestar, and the campy original. :wink: I’m a total geekgirl sci fi nut, but have not seen the Expanse! I haven’t had Amazon prime for a bit, so that’s prob why. Now I MUST it, esp since I’ve always liked Steven Strait. I have the books, but just haven’t gotten to them yet. I’d love to read the series before watching. That’s always my ideal. @Lostmarbles I did not know about Doom Patrol and it looks fabulous, esp with much older Brendan Frasier and Matt Bomer. @RexRabbit Did you see the Mortal Engines film? Wondering how that came out. I remember fans of the books were grumbling initially cause it wasn’t close enough to original, but then we always do. :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing that one, too.

Did any of you see The Strain series? I enjoyed the series, adored the books, but then, Guiellermo del Toro, what’s not to love.


Maybe you didn’t know… But Brendan Frasier has been dead since Scrubs. :crazy_face:
They killed him!


lmao I forgot about that! I haven’t re-watched Scrubs in way too long. And Zach Braff is my all-time biggest celeb crush, ever since Garden State. LOVE that film.


The strain is a great show. I enjoyed the books a bit less to be honest since they were based on the show, and not vice-versa.

If you have the expanse books read them ASAP! (and the follow them up with the Alliance/Union saga by J.C. Cherryh)

Shouldn’t we start a book thread? I bet i’m not the only avid book reader in 2019 :slight_smile:


Good to see there’s a decent sci-fi community here. I’ve spent the last couple of years revisiting a lot of old shows - Battlestar, Buck Rogers, Blake’s 7. Plodding through Dr Who at he moment (just about to finish Peter davison) and I watch the various Star Treks every 5 years or so.

Some good recent stuff I’ve enjoyed lately that deserve a mention have been - 12 monkeys, Dark Matter, Killjoys, Falling Skies, Grimm, Haven, Fringe, Sanctuary, Travellers, The first series of Westworld (2nd season was awful)

Agree the reboot (reimagining) of Battlestar was amazing, shame about some other reboots though - Charmed springs to mind, and some are so different I don’t really understand why they would call it the same thing (Lost in Space etc)


I love me lots of books on my kindle


YES YES @ghoti1


I have no idea why I liked this, but I did. Addictive after the first few.


(happy dance! happy dance!) They put the 3rd season of Into the Badlands on Netflix! SUCH a righteously cool show, if anyone hasn’t seen it.

And +1 on @adary 's great idea for a book thread, though there’s sorta going to be overlap, by nature. I was a paper purist for the longest time, and then inherited a huge number of ebooks from an older friend who couldn’t read on screen anymore. I’m now officially a self-proclaimed ebook junkie. lol


ebooks are just convenient. i ran out of physical room in the house for paper books :slight_smile:


I didn’t read the book. The film was overloaded with steam punk =) I really liked it…a lot… a little long but that’s ok with me.


Saw it awesome =)


@RexRabbit Ooh,that sounds fun. Its on my list. I’m definitely a fan of Steampunkery. If I had the time, moola and energy, I’d totally be one of those cosplay people who get all dolled up in their anachronistic garb for events and such. lol Alas, I do not, so I console myself with steampunky books and films, and a Tesla Punk mod. lol

Speaking of Steampunk influence in films, I just re-watched an old fave… Perfect Creature, with Dougray Scott and Saffron Burroughs. Sort of an alternate history world somewhere between 1890 and 1960 (kind of a weird blend of technology), where vampires are out of the coffin and sort of a closed religious society, the caretakers of humanity. Definitely worth watching if you’re into steampunk and supernatural influences, 2 of my faves. Its on Hulu now. Lots of political allegory happening, here. Highly entertaining.


For those that enjoy action films and doublecross movies:


Im not surr if GREEN BOOK has been mentioned but its a good movie , as well A star is born , Queen Mary if scots could have been better but worth watching


Thanks very much for the tip @ecigexpress. I’m a Flix’r and hadn’t heard of that yet.


It’s on like Donky Kong @ecigexpress !!


C.J. Cherryh was a favorite of mine growing up. The Ealdwood stories kicked my interest in mythology and the fae into high gear. I’d almost forgotten about her. I gotta go and look up some books. Thanks!