Mt Baker Vapor?

Whats every ones opinion on mt baker vapors flavorings and juices as a whole. I vaped mt baker for a little bit now but i see some people downing it. To me it seemed like some cheap priced juice that you can get it large quantities. just wanted to see what ya’ll thought. Happy Vaping :+1:

I like a few of the flavors. It is cheap as far as juices go. Their flavors are rebranded of another companies offering maybe in a bit modified dilution. It’s not premium juice, but it’s not bad for the money. My guess is most here prefer what they can make themselves though.

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@Big_Benny_MI yeah thats true about vaping what they can make themselves. I was also looking at how they have just unflavored juice and you can add the nic and pg/vg ratio. I was wondering how things were more on there DIY aspect of things.

I can say I havnt tried mt baker since I have a supplier just 3 hours away so shipping is ultra fast. I think there offer a fair concept for their ready to vape products in the realm of price compared to my local shops.

However, not a big fan of rebranding other people’s products for the purpose of DIY. But that’s just for me and my crazy thought process. Not to say it’s wrong. Some people may really need some of those products since mixing something from FA+cap+inwera and so on is a bit tough at the start of you don’t do/or want to do the research.

yeah that is wrong to re brand other companies things. but i thought itd be a good idea for someone who wants to try DIY without buying the pg, vg, nic and all the other tools needed. all they needed was the flavoring and a syringe or scale. Im not too informed with DIY juice ill say that. Im highly thinking of it and trying to get a good idea of how other people are doing things and how quality products are before i go buying all sorts of supplies.

I would recommend reading as much as possible if you want to get into DIY. It’s lots of fun…but it’s way better if you read a bunch of threads before that first purchase

I started DIY because of Mt Baker Vapor. Not sure if it’s still the case, but most of their flavors back then were simply rebottled Flavor West. Looking at their shop now, I’d say the ones that are $4.50 are blends and the ones that $3-$4 are just rebottled.

It’s an OK way to go if you’re trying to keep things as simple as possible, but if you’re already here doing research they might not be the best fit. Not a lot of recipes here use their name for the flavorings.

From what I understand, companies rename flavors when they rebottle bulk because the manufacturer makes them. If it’s not in their bottle, they don’t want their name on it.

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