MTL - Fancy wire?

For a very long time I used lightening vapes 28/36 ka1 Clapton wire. Unfortunately this is basically impossible to get in the U.K. (if I’m wrong help me out!). I’m familiar with fancy wire, and I use it with my rda or sub tanks on occasion, but I want to focus on mtl as I’ve never done more than Clapton.

I see now a few companies have released mtl wire / coils like vandyvapes and coilology. While there are a few reviews it’s always tough to know if they’re sponsored or if they just want to Chuck crazy vapor of their mtl builds, and the ones I found weren’t particularly helpful.

I do feel I get a better flavour with the lighteningvapes wire and ime coils last longer compared to 29g bare, I’m not a huge fan of 26, probably for the ramp up time, as I won’t use my dns mods much. I don’t dry burn coils anymore so them not funking as fast is nice.

I’m not sure I could hit the resistance I want with the 30x2 +38 Alien wire (almost certainly the staple 4x30 is too low) and these wires seem to be basically sold out everywhere. - so is it worth the hassle ?

Zivipf stock a similar wire to the lightening vapes. I think it’s 28/38 ka1. It’s quite a bit more expensive at €10 per 5m plus shipping but that’s where I’m leaning. The stuff that’s being made is also often nichrome, which I abandoned early on but maybe should revisit.

Any mtl vapers care to chime in on their experience with “fancy wire” ? Unfortunately experience for DL is quite different when it comes to this, so the experience for me didn’t carry over much.


I think I got some of that wire at one of the vape shops in the L1 area of Liverpool last year: I’ll have to check my bin of used spools later and pay the area a visit soon.

I tend to vape in a mixed MTL/ DTL style myself and make coils to match what I plan to vape on an RDA and to suit its chamber and intakes. At the moment I am switching between flat twisted builds for general use and hives for high VG. But I am a but of a rustic wizard at times


I only vape MTL. I currently use either 26 or 28 gauge SS316L round wire in most builds. I have used the Geekvape SS MTL clapton wire and the VandeVape Superfine SS MTL clapton. Of the two, I prefer the VandeVape one more for how I vape. Apparently some of the coil makers over here can do fancy wire but I don’t see the point for MTL really.


If you have occasion to find / try again- post back please!


I’ll add it to my list


About as fancy as I’ve ever gotten with MTL was some 28g twisted wire. I did build some 30g zipper coils once, simply for the experimentation, but decided that I got about the same vape as the 28g twisted but with twice the work!


I’m using the last of my 28/36 Clapton right now. The only downside is the need to reduce diameter in tighter spots due to the wire taking more space.

I actually like twisted smaller Clapton wire in rdas. I feel like it improves both flavour and vapour.

I’m definitely curious about some of them but I’ll pass for now, I’d rather spend e money on flavourings I think. If or when it’s available and I’m getting something on a site that has it, I’ll try a spool.

Still interested if anyone else pops by and has some feedback.