Mtl Mech What Coil

Hi if anyone is running mtl setups on a mech what coil res heve you found to be best.
Im running a kayfun lte and getting an 18350 almost mech rune for it. Just wondering where to start.
I have got 1.2 ss or 2 kanthal premade as well as vv superfine mtl clapton wire and ka in a couple of awg



I can’t vouch for the lite, but in my reaper on my 18350 e-pipe I’ve been using 1.2 - 1-8 ohm spaced kanthal coils around a 2.5 jig. 6 to 8 wraps.

Steel will heat up quicker and there’s the whole subjective flavour argument from it.
I will always maintain there’s nothing wrong with simple round wire.

the VV superfine claptons have always been a bit lackluster IMO, but I’m sure I’ve just not experimented enough. You could have a great time with them I’m sure.

I can’t tell you what to do or what will work best for you, but personally I’m more than happy with 6 and a half to 8 and a half wraps on 28 or 30 awg kanthal around a 2.5mm screwdriver.
[ I should note I’m using EXO 18350s cells ]
Nice long draws with easily stand out flavour.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


That gives me a super place to start my playing, thanks for the info


You’re welcome! Glad I could help


I make a nice 3×30awg ss with 42 awg ss wrape.I have a tripod, kayfun lite 2019, four one five and a skyline the the 415 is a great restricted lung to tight direct lung kayfun is great with citrus fruits and tobacco flavors but the tripod is the best overall if you can pick one’s my understanding a new batch is coming out not only has drop in inserts under the coil it has a beautiful air flow control plus a piece that goes into the chamber to reduce it and one for the chimney too😂.it’s an all around rta.