Does anybody have an opinion on how MTL vs DTL affect your perceived taste of an e-liquid? I mean do you use the exact same recipe for both or you tweak the recipe depending on whether you are doing MTL or DTL? I know that I need to adjust the pg:vg ratio. but do you also tweak the recipe profile to get a consistent experience. if so, do you apply the same method to all you e-liquid recipes? or does each e-liquid has unique way to be tweaked to get consistent experience on both MTL and DTL.
I don’t have a clue because because I pretty much use only DaMomma’s RY4 Delight. And when I switched from DTL to MTL, I just upped the total flavour of the recipe a little bit. although still I could smell / taste flavours while doing DTL that are pretty much absent when doing MTL.


For myself, I only vape MTL. A lot depends on what tank/RTA/RDA you are using as well as coils and wattage.

I find that some recipes work ok but others need to be played with. With some I need to increase certain elements, sometimes even the whole flavour percentage.

I do my mixes 70VG and have no problems with taste in that respect. I do mainly use good RTA’s that handle a higher VG content.

For MTL I found the simpler recipes work the best, no point layering unless you are using really high end RTA’s.

This is only my opinion of course, and everyone’s experience is different.


@Askarnem like @Ianc13 said, some recipes work fine in MTL, others don’t. Simpler translates better, richer, bakeries, custards, layered don’t always work very well in MTL’s. I reverse my VG/PG with mixing DTL or MTL, and sometimes boost things a bit for MTL but not always.


@Ianc13, @SessionDrummer, thanks much appreciated.


Interesting @SessionDrummer, I only vape bakeries, desserts and custards… :grin:


I agree with @Ianc13 as well. MTL does wonders for flavors but I’ve found that the simpler the better with most of the MTL engineered recipes. I personally don’t do the MTLs anymore because I just don’t find them satisfying (although I will admit that if you’re new to getting rid of the stinkies, they are a great replacement.). I prefer the combo of flavor and vapor production of the DLs. To me, it’s much more enjoyable.


Same here. Especially in terms of flavour, No MTL device comes close to my crown 3 tank. I just don’t like the amount of vapour production of DTL devices.


I like Restricted DTL, right in the middle. Used to like MTL, then DTL.

Best of both worlds.


Didn’t smoke cigs like pulling on a bong so I can’t vape that way either. Even if I am sacrificing some flavour, I vape so I don’t smoke so got to do what works for me. :smile:


I got a device which could be either a MTL or a very restricted DTL. but I pretty much only use it as a MTL. I have a bit of a high blood pressure situation and I feel doing DTL makes it worse (probably because of deeper inhalation and more vapour produced), that’s why I’m stuck with MTL. My blood pressure might having nothing to do with vaping but just to be on the safe side.

On a related note, I was reading a paper (which someone had shared here) which from what I understood (which was very little) was saying that some ingredients in e-liquids causes high blood pressure) and some other bad side effects (I think the specific word they used was Oxidative Stress). And more interestingly, that some chemical could be added to the e-liquid to neutralise the bad side effects of vaping, which has got me thinking if e-liquids, in their current form are incomplete.

you might have heard of the entourage effect, which is “a proposed mechanism by which cannabis compounds other than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) act synergistically with it to modulate the overall psychoactive effects of the plant”.

Or maybe you have heard that vitamins get absorbed more effectively in the presence of other substances such as minerals etc, and hence why it is better to eat fruits instead of vitamin pills.

So I am thinking maybe sometimes in order to make e-liquids safer, there should be more substances added to it. Again I am in no way qualified, so take what I am saying with plenty of salt. Or if there is any professional here who knows about these things can shed some light on that.
Sorry for going off on a tangent. I am done now :slight_smile:


Whatever works for you :wink: for me I don’t compare e-cigs to cigarettes anymore (though I used to). Now I only smoke after a drink. otherwise I can’t really stand the taste of cigarettes.


I respect your thinking open mindedly. Keep in mind that you can’t always believe what you read. I recommend not experimenting adding anything other than pg/vg/nic and flavor concentrates that have been commonly used for years now. I’m really only writing this for others that may read this thread, you already indicated you know better. I remember for awhile people were selling juice with vitamin additives, perfumes, colors that stick to the vapor cloud as colored fog, viagra, caffeine, and who knows what else. It was a liquid vitamin additive being used to cut and thicken so as to appear to have the right consistency of THC liquid that was killing people two years ago or so.

We should even be careful of what we buy as flavors from vendors. There have been some flavors with oils (non water soluble), mixed in with legitimate flavors, probably just an innocent mistake or over site.

Anyways, It just seemed right that I add my warning. It is an interesting thought you have and if you find where you read about it please share a reference here.


Thanks for your input. can never go wrong with some extra warning :slight_smile: . I will try to find the post to share it here.


Yeah, I don’t smoke at all since vaping. I don’t really compare vaping to smoking any more but still can’t do the direct lung thing.

I wouldn’t know what a cigarette even tastes like now and never will again. :slightly_smiling_face:


Some flavours made for vaping have oils as an ingredient
It’s not an oversight it’s made that way
a good example of this is inawera peppermint having peppermint oil

This is a really serious problem and also frustrates me about companies like inawera not having MSDS and being so secretive, it’s our health not theirs.

This is why the community is making the
site I highly recommend looking at it, you will be surprised.