Mts vape wizard

I recently started making e juice about 2 months ago. Im doing ok at it, but I have some flavors that no matter how much time they steep they always seem seperate rather than together and in some cases create a bitter taste. this has been more common with the fruity vapes. I ordered some MTS VAPE WIZ to help with this and have added it to the juices in question. does anyone know how long before I can load the juice in my tank and tell a difference. is it an instant fix or a timed process? thnks in advance for any insight you can offer.


There are no instant fixes in DIY I’m afraid, you will have to give it some time.

I honestly think you may be using a flavor that separates ,to not have this problems as those flavors tend to be non water soluble and will well separate and cause the mix to be cloudy sometimes. Most are not recommended to vape or are at least questionable since it is assumed they are oil based even if they say they aren’t some vendors will at least put they aren’t water soluble.

MTS Vape Wizard is a great tool but typically is used to round out tough harsh notes commonly found in fruits. MTS- mellow thick and smooth will balance your juice out by altering taste perceptions on your tongue per say ( that’s what the hype says) For me I have used it to tone a mix down because 1 drop in 10 mls will do just that let it sit overnight and you will see a difference in the mix. As for your issues it seems to be over a solubility issue. Quick fix take a look at those flavor you have in your mix and see if any aren’t water soluble or are oil based if that isn’t it did you use any added distilled water in the mix ?

There is a great reference on ELR look under Resources and then click on Master Mixer’s Tips and Tricks! This will help guide you in your additives if you choose to use them. Just know that too much of them will wipe out all the flavor in a mix super fast.

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What flavors tend to separate on you?

I have used TFA FW and CAP flavors only. the juices seem a bit sharp in the fruity vapes I mixed so it seems that the MTS will help me with that based off of your helpful info. I have been letting it sit all day after adding the MTS. I put 4 drops in a 30 ml and 8 drops in a 100ml. I will give it a taste in the afternoon tomorrow on my Derringer. Its seems to be the juicy peach and the apple that tends to not want to bond well with other flavors I chose such as cream and other fruity flavors that I used to make a tropical punch.

I actually made a pure Tropical flavor by mistake, TFA Mango with TFA captain cereal, the flavor has no description all I can say when I vape it is…Hmm Tropical… Haha completely unrelated other than the mention of tropical flavor
But it has mixed nice I just got some creams in I’ll see how it blends with some

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I ordered some of the MTS vape Wizard just to see what it does to a mix… so only fruit flavors?

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No it can be used on anything, really - It alters taste perception :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It works on tobaccos too…


Great! I’ll have to give it a whirl in my bacco mixes… thank you!

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Like daath said it works on taste perception. I have used it before it has been quite a while though.

This is FA’s description and thoughts on MTS

You can make it magic !! MTS stands for Mellow, Thick and Smooth, and it is a major breakthrough in taste technology for PV users. Based on our thorough understanding of taste mechanisms, we have developed a product which we believe will increase the pleasure of your vaping experience. MTS vape wizard contributes toward softening any acidic/sour perception, it assists in making vapour thicker, and it delivers both body and depth. It can be used on its own, blended with tobacco flavours, or with any other flavour of your choice. There are no limitations as to its versatility. Make your vapour fuller and richer… Let MTS Vape Wizard work its magic for you! Suggested dosage 0,5-2% Additional notes on Vape Wizard.