Muffins is what i am seeking

I am looking to create a muffin flavor and would love any and all combinations of flavors to achieve this

Go through some of these and check the flavorings for a flavor combo you may like:

Probably the best place to start.

These are flavors I would start looking at if I were to try to create a muffin recipe.

Banana Nut Bread (TFA)
Yellow Cake (FW)
Chocolate Glazed Doughnut (CAP)
Cinnamon Danish (TPA)
Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP)
Cinnamon Roll (FW)
Vanilla Cupcake (TFA)
Acetyl Pyrazine 10% (TFA) - addative


Definitely some FA cookie, Inawera Biscuit, and/or acetyl pyrazine. Flavorah’s blueberry muffin is pretty good if you want blueberry. :slight_smile:


I was thinking of throwing Cookie and Biscuit in that list of mine. Like minds :smiley:

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Oh hey, Dirtstar22… you have any Saldana Racing parts on your Sprint?

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Inw biscuit is wonderful when making muffins

I was thinking today that you might be able to do TFA rice crunchies with AP to create a bread flavor?

I haven’t tried rice crunchies but I don’t see why that wouldn’t work. Pie crust also is a good bready kind of flavor.

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you rock just wanted verification before i tried it… lol i don’t trust my instincts

You should! Be adventurous and be bold! Do things no one has done before! :stuck_out_tongue: What’s the worst that could happen, you lose a few ml of juice cuz it’s gross? You can always do a 5ml tester first without nic if you’re really nervous.

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I know I have to find another way to test these juices without tossing out a coil every time it really stinks LOL

Do you wrap your own or use stock coils? If you don’t wrap your own, you should try it. If I can do it, anyone can. LoL. A good dripper is a must have for testing. Worst case scenario, you only have to pull the wick and rinse the coil, the rewick and go again. :wink:

I buy them premade I really didn’t want to take on a new adventure. LOL when those new coil free atomizer hit the market then drop in price I’ll probably snatch one up

You know, I have made a lot of stuff in the short time I have been mixing. But there hasn’t been much I couldn’t vape. So I have become accustomed to just going for it. And I rarely mix less than 30ml. Hell, if I don’t like it I give it to my buddy who can’t taste anything. He’ll vape just about anything. Hey Mikey! He likes it!


I saw on another post that you can soak clean premade coils in warm distilled water . This is something I haven’t tried but may , especially if it is fairly new coil and just made some nasty juice might work .USC was mentioned also just an idea

I put my screw-in coils in my usc with vodka in it. Cleans them up pretty good as long as you don’t let them go too long. Once they start to turn brown there is not much luck in saving them. I find it best to change the coil out daily.

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Also try:
Inewera lemon cake
OOO pound cake
VZ Goumet cake
VZ vanilla sponge cake
OOO lemon muffin
Just mixed orange cranberry muffin shake n vape deliciousness
9% CAP Cranberry
3% OOO lemon muffin
2% inewera lemon cake
.15% VZ gourmet cake
2% FA orange

Lol… Nope.

Are you sure? We sell at least 10 fuel cells per day. I never knew the rear body piece was a fuel cell with a bladder in it until I started working here. But man, we sell a lot of them. Or is that different on the Outlaw cars? Is that what yours is?

@mixologist13 - I will have to grab those flavors and try that. I have had some bad experience with OOO flavors. But I was always hoping they had some good ones I hadn’t tried yet.