Must have flavors?

Wow your a brave one and 8 flavored juice on one of your firsts. Slow and easy like you said try some 2 flavored and get to know your flavors a little easier this way as well as making single flavors ( boring I know ) so make tiny batches w/ no Nic like 3 ml is what I do when I have no clue what it’s supposed to taste like. Congrats on your first batches.


damn … i wish i had a diy store in my vicinity … the closest one to me is My Freedom Smokes in Charlotte, NC which is 90 miles from me. This is why I order all my goodies online.


flavors that I use and re-order the most are:

Banana cream (LA)
Peanut Butter (TPA)
Sweet Cream (CAP)
Marshmallow (FA)
Bubble Gum (FW)
Butterscotch (FW)


My hometown.

I’m testing PB Flavorah now. It sure smells good.

I have to try the Cap Sweet Cream… I have a 4oz bottle that I haven’t used yet.

Capella’s Sweet Cream is awesome!!!


It’s the secret ingredient in most of my wife’s mixes! I’m never without it in my stash.


I think I have sweet cream. I have been working a lot and haven’t had much time but my stash is getting low. I’ll be on the grill for the holiday so I hope to try some more of these recipes soon. My first two mixes were great in a dripper but leaves something to be desired in a kanger sub tank. Single flavors were blah.

I’m in love with Black Tea. It mixes well with so many different things… adds an extra dimension if that makes sense.

Which vendor?

Sorry, forgot that important bit. Flavour Art.

Rec’d Medicine Flower Black Tea today but haven’t fiddled with it yet. Not happy with the smell of it. it’s not as sweet as FA.

Good to know about the FA BT. I’ve tried TFA and INW so far. TFA… just don’t and say you did. INW… good after a long steep; much like tobacco mixes.

There are a few folks around here into the teas; search box will take you there!

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Will do! Green Tea is a good back up. I’m not into fruits at the moment and the teas give a nice sweetness. I think fig is the only fruit in my arsenal right now. I’m looking for a good grapefruit if anyone has a suggestion!

Here ya go!


I can tell you what not to get. Capella…leaves a lot to be desired. I just got Inawera Grapefruit yesterday. I’ll report back, but I’m guessing it’ll be pretty good. :slight_smile:

BTW @Jimk any news on your Rooibos? Mine is…weak. I tried it at 7% and that didn’t cut it. I also put 2% marshmallow and 2% Madagascar Vanilla (FA). It made an interesting mix. It was reminiscent of a black and mild, actually. It’s not steeped very long, so that’s just first impressions but if I did it again I’d let the tea sit in the PG for a few more days before straining it. :wink:

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I know it’s not a “grapefruit” but I’m finding FLV’s pink guava to really be way more of a grapefruit then a guava, you should check it out!

Otherwise INW and FA have some decent ones

Good to know, thank you!

I think I ordered a diluted tester from abu daba or something like that…he’s a local Chicago guy that sells t shirts and diluted Medicine Flower flavors. I honestly don’t remember what I ordered.

I will post back in the link Jimk shared above. Sorry to hijack this thread OP!

Funny you should ask! Now that I have a few days off here, I’m about to do a spread on N.E.T. Tea.

Mine turned out quite vapeable and I actually have it in a dripper as I type. After I did the mix, it tasted…meh. After a 2 week steep…Bam! There it was! Time did the trick. Here’s the kicker though… Percentage of NET tea used was 30%! Yup. And the flavor pops like nobodies business. Sweet, yet earthy and all the flavors are there. Just bump up your NET % and let it steep. :grinning:

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…hijacking allowed here; eventually it will get back on track! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My son-in-law is a fruit /sweets vape lover. He really wants to get
started in DIY, but like most young couples, money is tight. The initial
start up costs are a little out of reach for him. Enter Daddy-o-in-law.
For his X-mas present, I’m going to gather up the DIY items to get him
started. PG, VG, nic, scale, bottle assortment, etc. I’m also going to
order some fruit mixing flavors to get him out of the gate.

That’s where my knowledge hits a dead end. I’m strictly a tobacco mixer.
I did some exploring through some of the flavor threads and came up with this list:

Bavarian Cream FW
Caramel Candy FW
Cotton Candy / EM TFA
Dragonfruit FW
Raspberry Natural FW
Strawberry (Ripe) TFA
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)
Orange (FA)
Fuji Apple (FA)
Apple (FA)
Peach (FA)
Watermelon TFA
Marshmallow (TPA)

I have room for a few more. Any suggestions? Should any on my list get tossed, for a better alternative? I think versatility is one of the things I’m shooting for.


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That’s the only thing I would stay away from personally. Ethyl maltol (cotton candy) has a tendency to mute flavors over time and wreak havoc on your taste buds. Sometimes it can come in handy if you are either, going to vape the juice within a day or 2 or your mix is already on the high side and the EM will bring it down. Of course there’s always just vaping it as is, if you like straight cotton candy :slight_smile:

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