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Here’s Something I didn’t know…

We all knew this - Propylene Glycol is used in many foods and drinks, and is used as a flavor carrier.

What Master, or DIY, blender doesn’t know this, but what about this…

Propylene Glycol is also an Asthma Inhalers main ingredient. Now this was a real surprise to me!

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Not to me. I’m asthmatic.

Years ago we used to use a machine called a nebuliser.

The salbutamol ingredient needed a carrier as it was a dry chemical (if my memory serves me well) and that carrier was… PG of all things lol.

I’m also an eczema sufferer and guess what most of my creams and or bath ointments have in them.

You guessed it PG. LOL.

Check your toothpaste ingredients lists.

You’ll generally see either PG or PEG grades contained.

It’s really surprising how often PG is used in daily things we use.



Great info! I wish this was on TV as much as that bullshit anti-vaping “lollipop” commercial.
Thanks for posting this.

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here a good unbiased documentary.


I read somewhere that they were trying to make it a felony to get ecig/ejuice diy supplies in the mail in my state (wa). I think that would be hard to control. How do you know how I’m gonna use my vg, pg, and flavor? I understand the nic base but if it passes I’ll have to buy a huge supply of nic lol

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The state of Texas is trying to get a law passed that will require any Ecig/Ejuice products shipped into Texas have a age verification done to receive your product. This will pretty much do away with Free Shipping since the shipping carrier will definitely charge extra to perform this service. They also want to consider Ejuice a Hazardous Material so they can Ban/Tax or whatever they please with Ecigs. Having NO NICOTINE, still hazardous. BULLS–T.

Yeah that’s bullshit imo. Everything we use is food grade certified ingredients

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This is the main reason I started learning DIY mixing early. When it gets to the point of them banning nicotine sales, that’s when I start going the naturally extracted tobacco DIY route as well. I hate to say it, but eventually it’s going to be a reality.

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That is loads of shittoki I hope they don’t do that I just moved here ughhh ! I’m here with ya we’ll do a big ass group buy !

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