Muting one or all vendors

@daath all these posts made multiple times a day, at times seems to negate the whole point of this wonderful gem of a site; dedicated to providing information for diy Ejuice making… it kinda seems like 3FVape could simply post a link to their sight and not use this forum as free advertising ??
Again it’s just my 2c.
I will love this place forever and all of the good folks that are here for it’s true purpose… I just have to say something after seeing the same rhetoric being force fed down the members throats day in and day out.especially when there’s plenty of other more suitable places (like FB and instagram) to advertise to this extent… what happens is other similar sites start doing the same thing (heavens gifts), etc etc. I had this happen on a FB group page once and it only gets worse, they’ll keep Using this site and posting up a storm despite it had nothing to do with Crafting Ejuice nor will they offer any specials in return…
So Sorry for the rant but I love this sight !! I have since it’s birth and will never stray… so watching Big overseas companies take advantage of nice people really gets me heated… smh


Hi @Blues - If you don’t want to see vendor posts, you can go the the Vendor catetory here:

Then mute the entire category, and they will disappear for you :slight_smile:


@daath thanks so much for listening and for your help…
Please don’t get me wrong, I love seeing vendors help out our community. I have seen and been Led to many deals on great diy needs… it was mainly 1 or 2 overseas vendors that made me feel encroached upon, but now I know how to “mute” that thanks to you…
I hope you are doing well and have a wonderful Holiday season, my friend…


As I wrote in the PM to you, you can also mute a single vendor thread, if you don’t want to see stuff from them, but still want to see posts from the others :slight_smile:

Just posting this here as well, so others may benefit :slight_smile:



A $25 giveaway earns $1000 in advertisement. I checked ELR last night after work and the latest 5 post we’re vendor giveaways/ads.

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Yup. Giveaways and reviews seem to have become very popular as of late. I look at as the mixers loss with a ba’jillion other posts not related to mixing.

Hahahahha. I feel like an old man when I say, remember the old days (like when you and I joined) the content was more driven by flavors, recipies, and help.

Even the introduce yourself thread get buried deep.

Hmmm. This may be read as a rant, but is done with Love and care. Kinda.


Amen Bro


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