Mxjo 26650 35amp

I saw these batteries over at Beyond Vape website and they were said to be 3500mah 35amp, and a 60amp pulse I think. Any spec sheets or any evidence/review’s on it?


Usually any battery other than these four brands are rewrapped B Grade batteries. Exceptions being a couple of asian battery companies that I’m not familiar with name wise and forgotten a long time ago. As usual, you can’t always believe what they tell you… The most recommended battery for vaping according to the pros are the samsung 25r. Stick with them and be safe, and happy…This comment is for everyone, not just jimk. I hate how it directs a comment at someone when you want to use a portion. of their comment. Then again, at times you do want that, what can one do…

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Agreed. Also, I think if you highlight what you’re wanting to quote and click the darker blue reply button instead of “quote reply” it will reply to the general thread instead of just the one person.


Yes, it appears you are correct. Hope I can remember that…

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