My 1st 2 coil RTA

Hi Everyone!

So I just purchased my 1st two coil RTA tank. I went with a Geek Vape Zues dual RTA. I’ve watched some videos and I do know how to make single coils alright but I need more experience of course with the dual coils. Is there anything that I need to know before diving in? I’ve had enough wire for the single coils to last me but now I’m looking to get some alien wire ss316, 2.5mm, 3-28/36. Is there a favorite place that everyone’s goes? I guess I’m still an amateur here, compared to many of you here! I need a little help with a new dual coil tank. It’s time for me to step it up just a little :slight_smile:


I purchase all my wire at advanced vape supplies. They do have pre made coils as well but its a bit more expensive than the spools.

Code “AVS” will get you 20% off and free shipping if you reach the $20? Minimum. If that sale is still going, I have not checked.

Other than that, only thing you need to watch out for are the equal amount of wraps and size of course. But I’m sure you knew that :wink: The ohms of the coil will divide by 2, some ohm meters don’t show that and people get scared after they screw it on the mod. Exception if its a parallel build? Not sure if I use the correct term here, but anyways the Zeus won’t fall under that category. Keep that in mind if you buy your coils based on a ohm chart.
Besides that its as simple as single coil just more work lol. Make sure tho that both glow evenly, this can be a bit tricky for newer builders. But nothing to worry about, just give it a go and don’t be afraid :wink:


I get my wire at Lightning Vapes. They have 30’ rolls of Clapton’s and Fused Clapton’s from various wires.


I will agree…Advanced vape supply is a good place…plus your not getting chinese wire…the worse wire out…dirty as hell…if i was you I would get a roll of just say 26ga wire an make some coils to get the dual coil system perfected per say…then go to the exotics…which will prob be around a 1.00 per coil on a 15 foot spool…maybe cheaper…

but what ever you do…dont get the chinese stuff…dirty an some one on another forum had the metal tested by a friend an the SS alloy was not correct…you want usa made wire from Swedish stock SS…very clean…an true to the alloy…


Ok thanks! I wasn’t aware of that

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I’m using fused clapton that I purchased via FT… in fact I just ordered 2 more sets of it (they are 10’ long wires), nice little wrapping bars come with them, but of course the wait isn’t too nice.

They do have other sizes, but the wire seemed nice and clean. I tried wrapping my own fused claptons and failed miserably (I’ll keep at it til I learn to do it correctly lol).