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My 3 year vaping anniversary 🎉


Today is my 3 year no stinkys anniversary, big thanks to you all for your help, support, humor, love and friendship, best thing I ever did was stop smoking cigarettes, I would have been lost without you all. Cheers! :smile:


Well done @anon45050679 3 years is a bunch on money saved and a significant extension of your life :+1::tada:


Thank you, I feel so much better for it :smile:


Good Job @anon45050679. Love reading success stories!


Thanks, it was a 3 year wait before I was ready to give up but I got there and wow was it worth it :smile:


Congrats on your 3rd year stinkie free brother, I’m in my 3rd year to (1/1/15) and never felt better, a bit lighter in the pocket but totally worth it. Well done.


Congratulation grubby. I dont know about saving money :wink: , but health wise, that’s great.


That’s Awesome ! Congrats on 3 years and best wishes for many more!


Congratulations @anon45050679 on your Milestone :confetti_ball:


Congrats,That’s freakin AWESOME !!!


Congratulations @anon45050679!!!:beers:


Woot woot congrats Grubster!!


Congrats good sir. Way to go!!! :star:️:star:️:star:️:wink:


Thanks all, lets hope this year everything settles down and the real benefits of vaping can come to the forefront


Congratulations, and I’m hoping you can have another 75 years with good health and without a relapse!


Congratulations :sparkler::fireworks::tada:


Awesome Grubby! A toast to your continued success. :champagne:


I just went over 2 years it’s a great feeling good job keep it up!


Congrats @anon45050679!! I’m about a year behind you for quitting!



TODAY :tada::tada:

PS…soz for the thread hijack @anon45050679 :hugs: