My first batch of home made juice, and I think I messed it up

I made my first juice today 13.25g VG and 4.5g of banana daquiri with a PG base it just seems a bit thick compared to my other juices. Did I mess it up or will it thin out after I steep it? Please help.

VG is quite a bit thicker than PG. As far as I know, it isn’t going to get any thinner than what it is. If it is too thick to wick properly, you can try adding a little more PG next time, or no more than 5% distilled water. Depending on what you’re using, you’ve got about 25% PG, 75% VG and that should be totally fine. VG is for thicker/more clouds and PG is for flavor and throat hit. You may have to just experiment to find what you like. I prefer 40% PG, but I’m not PG sensitive or anything so that works for me. :slightly_smiling:


Its funny that you and @jimk think 40%PG is the best level for you as i have come to that exact conclusion. For creamy stuff i may drop to 30%, but i think it fouls my coils going that low. I pray i never get sensitivity, because i eed that throat hit.

OP most commercial juices are much higher PG, like 70%. I make some like that, but you end up using juice faster. Try the thick stuff, you may well prefer it. Lots of people seem to. It will illustrate to you what “throat hit, aka TH” is because that mix wont have much. Some people do not like TH. There is even a check box on ELR for “Max VG” which will calculate your recipe using only the PG in your flavors and Nic. If not, set it aside and wait. If you have to dump it, it probably set you back less the 50 cents, right?

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thats sound advice from @therabidweasel :wink:

I made it a 70 30 mix I guess I was just expecting it to be a closer consistency to the juice I buy, I do have a follow up question do I have to let it steep for a week or can I use it sooner?

I have vaped straight PG a few times testing a new bottle. I don’t have any problems at all vaping it straight. Maybe I will try 40% PG and see what I get :wink:

Also thank you for all the helpful info :slight_smile:

It’s up to you. You can try it now and see what you think. If you like it, vape it. If not, let it sit a week, two weeks, three weeks, etc. to see how it changes. I try to test new recipes after a day, a week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 4 weeks. If it’s not good after a 4 week steep (needed by most custards and tobaccos), it’s not gonna be.


Hmmm. I’m intrigued. Is the banana daqeruri a concentrate flavor or premix?

Concentrate flavoring from

That logo they have is kind of, well, morbid isn’t the right word but it’s in the morbid family.

That is a bit weird, the one that I got looks pretty adorable.

The pg/vg ratio looks fine to me. I usually mix at 30/70 or 20/80 for a smoother vape so your 25/75 is right there.

However, the flavoring may be too high… That’s 25.35% flavoring, if it tastes perfumey or you can’t taste it at all, you could try reducing the flavor and adding plain pg. Just guessing, but you could prolly cut the flavoring in half and get better results.

Some of the thinnest flavors I’ve seen (ex: Capella) only need 10-12%.

If it does taste funny, there’s still no need to toss it, just add 18g of a 25/75 pg/vg mix to what you already have and that should cut the flavor by half.

Oh one more question I only used the VG and the flavoring with PG base but I didn’t use the actual PG liquid could that be problematic?

Mofogger read my mind. I am surely not good with math in the fly (since I measure by weight and use a juice calculator) and am not familiar with the brand and “how much pg” is in your flavoring but was thinking you ended up with something closer to a max vg juice rather than a 30pg70vg mix or other.

Did you use Nic? You have to account for the PG their too. Best thing by far is to go to the calculator at and use it to get your ratios etc.

Once you fill out your recipe, click on the little blue wrench at top right, copy as html text and paste right back into this thread. It will include a link for us to go look at it (if you check the box to make it public). Good starting guideline is 50/50 vg/pg, with a total flavoring of around 10-15%.

TBH, most people arent going to enjoy a single flavor juice much as flavors tend not to have enough dimensions by themselves. There are exceptions for some higher grade flavors like Medicine Flower or Flavour Art. Anyway, calculate it up and send us a link.

Finally, I highly recommend you add all of your flavors into your flavor stash. It is so very useful. If you have any questions, we’re all herr and we were all new once.

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Nah… not really a problem. Just need to find what kinda vape experience you’re looking for…

Think of PG as your flavor carrier (also increases throat hit, like you’re smoking)

Think of VG as your vapor production catalyst.

If you like a smoother draw and chuckin clouds that make people think you’re on fire, go heavy on the VG. (My personal preference)

If you need more flavor and want to simulate the physical sensation of smoking, go heavy on the PG.

50/50 blends are just as common as 10/90 blends but it seems that higher VG blends have become more popular as better products have come to market like sub-ohm tanks and such.

Once you’ve decided on the type of vape you want (smooth vs throat hit) then you can start adding flavor. Since flavorings are pg based, they will account for a portion of the pg in your blend.

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Sorry I also got a new phone and I’m still figuring things out but here is the link I think I see where I messed up when I put 30% for the flavoring :frowning:

Also not sure how much PG is in my flavoring the bottle doesn’t say

If your flavors are PG based you consider the entire amount of flavor you add to your recipe, PG. In other words if you add 10% PG based Strawberry flavor, you just added 10% PG to the mix…

Your recipe has no flavors added. If you add flavor to the recipe it will calculate the figures for you. Appears you want a 70/30 mix so the above 10% Strawberry would be deducted from the PG. Soooo, to equal 30% PG you would have 10% PG based SB and add 20% straight PG to equal 30%. Again, all will be calculated for you in the calculator if you use it…