My first DIY recipe, and it rocks! (I'm biased)


I got a bunch of FA tobacco flavors and had been playing around with the idea of a somewhat light vanilla-apple-tobacco vape, and I think I nailed it with this simple recipe on the first try! I was expecting it to need a long steep, but was blown away at how good it is as a shake and vape. It reminds me of Alloy Blends’ “Vented” with some apple in the background.
I hope someone gives it a try and let’s me know how what they think.

“JustSomeVaper” Pete


Took a look through your stash @JustSomeVaper … I see you’ve been stocking some NET; where’d you purchase? Or did you make your own?


Gratz on your first recipe :slight_smile:

I don’t do tobacco anymore, but when I did, this sounds very much like something I’d have loved.

Just a note on Fuji, it is very strong initially, but it does mellow with a good steep


Grats on the the first recipe success. Very happy for you.


The N.E.T.'s are from Clay at


Congrats! I wish I had the Vanilla Tobacco so I could give it a shot , it looks good!

Clay does make some darn awesome NET. I’m vaping some of his (year old) Gypsy Brunes right now; glorious. His juice is one of the reasons I started making my own NET.

I do like the FA SoHo when I want a bit of a bakery flavor in my vape. The FA Fuji is the only apple flavor I’ll allow in my stash.

Glad you had success with your mix, and here’s to many more! :grinning:

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