My first own blend.Remarks are very welcome : ) (peany butter and cherry)


It’s looks good I don’t have any experience with those flavors outside of the Bavarian and sweet creams but those look to be supporting flavors at decent percentages. Swiss cherry can you describe what this is like ? Sounds interesting. Most cherries are horrible.

to be honest i don’t know lol…it smells nice but i can’t really get taste so far when i’m vaping on it.i’ve been told that cherry in general needs some time to steep so let’s see what happens.if i don’t vape it all away to fast :grimacing:
so far i really like it

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It may be hidden under all that peanut butter hee hee 8% seems high but FW’s % usually are higher. Maybe it’ll come around. Cherry is a difficult flavor to get the right profile you want out of it. Black cherry will usually help draw it out and make it stand out more in a mix if you add it to your cherry recipes but black cherry is strong so you don’t need much 1% or maybe even half that just to accent the flavor.

i thought if i put the same amount of peanut butter and cherry in it,it should be more or less balanced.the peanut is just coming out great.not too overwhelming but smooth and nice in combination with the creams.
thanx a lot for your input,i really appreciate it :grinning:

It could be just fine and need to steep but peanut butter generally is a heavy flavor and dominates batches quickly. I really don’t know about the cherry so can’t say but the black cherry trick works. your welcome.

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