My Freedom Smokes Nicotine Review

Has anyone purchased nicotine from this company? They have good prices and want your feedback, any other opinions on where to buy nicotine?
Thank you

I bought from them many years ago and the nicotine was not good quality. Very peppery. But again that was over 4 years ago, they may have new sources now

Thank you for feedback, what source have you found to be the best for you?

well i just recently switched to using nicotine river and im really happy with their customer service and product. the owner grant even made an account here to answer any questions! great company!

great, thank you. As far as VG or PG based, are there benefits to either?

vg makes for bigger clouds, is thicker, but somewhat mutes flavors.
pg is thinner, gives more throat hit, and makes flavors more apparent.
some people are pg sensitive and use only vg because of this. I usually do a mix of 70vg/30pg. For me if the pg is too high i taste this chemically taste that i do not enjoy. hope some of that helps :wink:

I ordered some about 6 months ago, not too bad. Slight fishey smell but no taste in the juice.

I meant comparing VG to PG strictly in Nicotine

I have used MFS nicotine a lot and have no complaints.

What base you want will depend on what you’re going for in your finished liquid for PG VG %s and what strength nicotine you are using. If you’re going for Max VG or even high VG, you’ll want more VG in your base and/or a higher nic concentration. If you’re using a really high nic (like 100mg) you can usually get away with using 100% PG Nic. I personally use 100% PG, 24mg nic, but my final mix is 3mg and 40/60 PG/VG. I can’t use the base I use for myself to make my sister’s 18mg high VG juice.

The benefit to using PG based nic is that, because PG is thinner, it’s a lot easier to mix your nic base before you use it. You should always shake your nic before using because it can develop hot spots, where the nicotine is at a higher concentration in certain spots. This happens more often with VG based nic because it’s so thick. If you go with VG nic, just shake it especially well. :wink:


I don’t smell or taste anything bad, pretty neutral nic base. MFS had their nic on sale beginning of last December and I bought a liter of 100mg for $45.95 shipped. Then just before Christmas they had another sale, so I got another liter and that was $42.95 shipped. The packaging is excellent, double sealed and then taped bottle in a sealed plastic bag. I transferred to glass and vacuum sealed that second bottle of base for long term storage just in case the anti’s somehow make it hard to get.

One place I will never buy nic from is VapingZone. They sent a 500ml bottle of 100mg that was leaking in a ziplok bag and there was liquid everywhere. I sent them a pic, and to make it right they said they would send me a 120ml of the same stuff. Said I didn’t want another 120ml as I had 500ml already. I wanted a replacement for what could be contaminated base and I wanted a bottle with a label that was legible as the one on the bottle was basically melted away. They said they would do that, but I had to pay for the return postage, which I did.:angry: F them…

I’ve used MFS nicotine for 5 years now, never had any problems.Quality nic!

I just bought some 36mg nic in November from MFS and have no complaints. Glass amber bottle, well sealed and labeled. No taste, very slight odor and very clear. When I need to order more, I’ll switch to Nicotine River and try them out.

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