My juice mixer

I hate shaking my juices so made this juice shaker using the sawz all idea but I couldn’t figure out how to safely attach the juice bottle to the blade then I had an idea damn it works great mixed the crap out of 32 bottles of juice quickly and effectively was actually fun as you can see on the close up its totally cloudy with bubbles
crude … but it works


Here is what I use. It can be found in any plumbing dept or local hardware store. Reusable, reliable, and simple. I bought two 10 months ago. Still working good.


I agree that was my first thought but I didn’t have any

Is that a recipricating saw lol???

yes a Rigid sawzall clumsy but it works great shook up all my bottles in no time

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Could get yourself one of these… Not sure who sells them… :confused:


lol my wife has one


I still use my sawzall. Not as fancy as I have the blade ground so there is nothing sharp and just tape my bottles to it when I shake them. Crude but another awesome use for my tools

I think it’s a great way to shake juices
I’m going to grind the teeth off on mine too before I hurt myself lol

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