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My liquid turns an amber color , is this normal


My liquid turns an amber color is this normal


Yes, Nothing out of the norm with that :+1:


Yup. It’s normal. Many flavors do that do a certain degree…even fruits.


It’s a sign your juice is maturing , or steeped. In my limited experience it will turn a deeper color by exposure to light and/or heat for a considerable time. Cool dark cabinets or drawers should slow the coloring down a bit.


I store my juice in a cool dark cabinet . Thnx for the feedback

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If you dont add nic and try to incorporate as little air as possible this will not happen. I mix and store at 0mg and add nic when I bottle into smaller bottles for immediate vaping. There are pics of 2 year old Strawnana Custard Ive posted showing it nearly water clear. Its the nic oxidizing and it adds a harshness to the vape IMHO. Some people seem to like it.