My liquids taste dry

I have made a few 70/30 liquids, all of them fruity combinations. Dragonfruit, lychee, berry mix etc.

My issue is that all my vapes have a dry mouth feel.

Is there a way to smooth them out?

Happy vaping!

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Just a dash of sweetener usually does it for me. Like 1/2 a percent.


You can do lots of things depending on the recpie. But it’s recipie dependent.

0.15-0.25 coconut fa (the same with cactus fa)

Adding low percents of dragron fruit or strawberry or raspberry to other flavor dominate profiles. Such as 0.35% raspberry fa to a strawberry or dragon fruit to strawberry.

What would really help is to see what recpies your working with. The list of options is very long to adding marshmallow, pepper, to a tobacco.


Add some Cactus ( 0.50 %) +/- might make give your juices a little “wetter” mouth feel I had the same problem with Jack Fruit


cactus or pear will add some wet feeling to a dry mix…some use a saline solution also to add a wetness…lots of the peanut better flavors will be dry…adding saline helps moist them up…but cactus or pear do it nicely…


Sometimes they will steep to smooth out over a few days to a few weeks. How long are you letting these sit before trying them?

Also, make sure you shake everything as you are mixing. Your nic could seem harsh or dry if it isn’t shaken up, and concentrates can separate, so everything needs a good shake-up.


Im not a fan of adding sweetener, would rather add some other flavour to improve the mouth feel.

Thanks, I will try to add 0.5 % cactus to my recipes or try pear or coconut.

It has only been steeping for a week, so maybe time will also improve the mouth feel. I do shake my nic and concentrates before preparing and do steep in warm water before i shake them till they are aerated to almost white

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If you haven’t already used cactus, I strongly suggest you try it by itself before adding it to any recipe. I’ve never read of anyone complaining of Pear being offensive, but cactus sure can be so.


Seems like most of the bases are covered and trying some of the advice for Pear or Cactus is a great idea. If you could share the recipes you are talking about, you would get much more precise advice.


I too never used any sweetener but lately I found that 3 drops of Super Sweet really makes my recipes pop. Not all of my recipes need it but there are a few that it really makes a difference.


thanks for the advise. I would try pear because my recipes are mostly berry flavours

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Thanks! To be honest i adapted a recipe from elr, but didnt save it.
most are berry flavours
10% elderberry
5% strawberry
2% marshmellow

yeah i am really not a fan of gunking up my coils, and would want to stay way from sweet recipes. Maybe i should try to add a very small amount of sweetner, 0.5% just to see what it does

I must say that the flavour has increased a lot over time and does seem to settle while steeping. Ill keep you posted! Thanks for all the advice thus far
Happy Vaping

I’d recommend saving all of them,just don’t hit the button to make it public unless you are sure the recipe works and want to share in the recipe database.

There is no sure way to get advice on or replicate a recipe (if you like it) unless you save it. At the very least, jott it down on paper for reference.

What brands are those flavors you’ve used? That helps, too.


Thanks, I will do so. I only used TFA flavours

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Just because nobody else has mentioned it… you can also add a little distilled water to your mix (start with 3% or 4%). This will make your juice a lot more fluid though so be careful for leaking in tanks. For ease of use, just use a Distilled or de-ionised water flavor and set it to PG based in the calculator.
I see a lot of recommendations here and think people should be a little more specific about their flavors. While certain pears (or other flavors) can add a little “wetter” mouthfeel to your recipe, that doesn’t mean every pear will have the same effect. FA Pear for example gives me a very dry vape and even in low percentages, the rind gets through distinctively.
TFA Pear may be a good option, as well as INW Cactus. You should however really start low, cactus especially is a very strong flavor.


What percentage have you used pear fa as an additive that made a recpie dry and imparted flavor? 1%?

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I’ve used it in several recipes, anywhere from 0.5% to 3%
The only recipe I’ve tried where I don’t really pick it up is SthrnMixer’s Queen’s Cookie Jar recipe, but that’s IMO only because I find shisha strawberry such a strong dark flavor.
But even though I can’t pick it up in flavor (1% used), it’s not a very moist recipe to me either.

Just interested. I’ve used pear fa to juice up flavors from 0.25-0.5% without drying or imparting major flavor notes.