My local media just keeps going on against vaping

No mention of smoking cessation urgency though.

And it’s so common now that I play a game with it- guess the vape. Today’s pictured mod appears to be the Hall of Fame worthy iPV4s.



Nice @anon70102222 that was a good mod, and I think I still have one somewhere. Good catch !!!


that’s rough… I’m so grateful vaping seems to be very accepted, and somewhat embraced in my area (FL panhandle). Smoking isn’t aggressively condemned here though, so maybe that has something to do with it… I’m in an area where as long as you don’t get in someone else’s “bubble” they tend not to care, cigarettes come A LOT closer to that line, therefore vaping is the good guy in the scenario (“the enemy of my enemy is my friend”)
I used to get faces of disgust all the time with how bad I smelled of cigs, and TBH, now after vaping for almost 2 years I can see why (not that I “approve” if it’s intentional, but if your not a smoker or used to being around smokers, I can’t blame them; seems like a pretty natural face to make)

Almost comes off as a class project in this case (#VoteForPedro)… sad man… although “they’ll make fine politicians one day” :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: … some people just need a hobby * ~starts wrapping a new coil~ *

Freaks me out the “voice” that minors/children are getting in this whole thing… I guess they’re a powerful tool in a game ignoring science based facts… Wonder if their next segment was demonizing alcohol for showing up at random high school parties.


It’s big business, how else can you chase ambulances.
re: Vape Lawsuit | Injuries & Illnesses From Vaping


I’ve actually had “Are you under 30 and addicted to JUUL? If so, you might be entitled to compensation” ads on my phone a few days ago.
Lol, total nostalgia… reminded me of the late night law firms making you think that you have mesothelioma after seeing the same ad 50 times in 4 hours. Pretty bad when vaping is put in a niche similar to asbestos.


It’s no wonder people don’t trust or even like lawyers. It’s a crying shame. :crying_cat_face: