My Mixing just SUX

I’ve been mixing for almost three years now and I’m very happy. I’m a tobacco gal though and for the last year or so making my own tobacco NET and very, very content with that. I don’t really mix that much anymore cause I like my tobacco straight up.
If you want custards you should check @Ken_O_Where out, he’s the Kustard Man.
Maybe you should start making some simple recipes first with only two or three flavours. That’s how I started out. Recipes don’t have to be complicated to be good. I know it can be overwhelming but start simple and go from there.

You can call me anything you like but it is José :wink:


I’ve been accused of being fruity :stuck_out_tongue: Yes I love my fruits so I will try to help. The broken record mantra… Take some time to test everything as a single flavor. It’s tedious, I know but you’ll be surprised how one very popular flavor might hit you wrong and spoil a whole mix for you.

Take careful notes about each flavor to keep track of what you like about it or what you didn’t. One might be too tart and seem weak, one might be very sweet but flat. You can then put them together and get something nice.

I could ramble on and on about this but need to try to sleep. There’s dozens of people on here with more experience than me who can probably help you more, just please don’t give up. It’s a learning process.


Thanks Jo, your right i need not give in now, and get testing…cheers mate


That’s the spirit :+1:
You don’t wanna know how many of my first mixes were absolute rubbish and ended up down the drain :nauseated_face:
You have a decent enough stash to get something good going.


go on tell me it might make me feel a little better


I’ve deleted them all out of shame. Let’s just say they were too ambitious, too many flavours and way too much of it.
I can recall one where I used 10% of coffee which was gross :rofl:

Maybe you can get something good here.


wow, left field Q are you in Australia by any chance…???


Nah, the Netherland but I do shop at though :grinning:
And explain left field Q?


Oh petal! Don’t despair!

Here’s what I did -

  • Single flavour testing.

  • Found a few recipes (not my own) that I could enjoy vaping regularly.

  • Followed mixers with a similar taste profile to me, to see how they were doing things.

Only then did I think about mixing my own creations, and I did these creations one at a time to begin with, in small batches.

It took me a good 12 months of reading and watching others to finally start getting a feel for what works/is likely to work/will taste good to me in terms of recipe building. And there’s still a lot for me to learn.

Persevere and maybe scale things back a little…slow and steady wins the race!


unrelated question…a Question off topic…lmao


Thanks Lolly, much appreciated kind words, yes like i was saying to Jo, i think im gonna ditch everything i have here and start a scratch…im still to find a mixer that i enjoy, grubby’s Grubby Mother is amazing, Simon has a few recipes which i enjoy especially his LLT…yes its funny yu say that because Simon has said the exact same thing to me when ive had a similar meltdown in the past… difficult thing is, its hard to gauge who the real mixers are here on ELR… there are so many recipes out there…


So mix yourself up a batch of @Grubby’s GM and some of @woftam’s recipes to keep you going for now…the rest will come with time.

@woftam and I share very similar thought processes on a lot of topics :rofl::tada:


ahh hello mate, having my quarterly whine…hahaha


This is a biggie, while there are times i skip this step, as my senses are more attuned now, i still regularly make single flavor test mixes. When i dont i usually regret it.

Believe me when i say that i am the complete antithesis of creative. The majority of my mixes are based on food ive eaten. Between eating the food and single flavor testing it all gets a bit easier because you know what your goal is and how to get there.


There’s so much advice out there! I know I was pathetic when I started in DIY. So much so that when I read the title I thought maybe I had started the thread. Like most, I knew nothing and unfortunately did not have this beautiful resource (ELR forum) to guide me. Biggest mistake I probably made, and there were many… I read maybe two places that I should aim for 20-30% flavor concentrate per recipe. So initially I used that as gospel. So many recipes ruined by adding more than I should have just to reach that percentage average. Less is more quite often!

Trust me when I say, THIS, and this alone, is the best advice I can give. Stay here. Ask, read, test, repeat. Everyone here is so willing to dispense excellent advice based on expertise and experience, it’s almost a shame it’s free. This place is a DIY Mixer’s Paradise.


i have to agree with everyone who is saying test your flaves , i had slump this last summer where all i made was shit because i had not tested the flaves i was working with , i dont test a lot of creams i look at notes from people i trust also i know which creams i like and what to mix them with , and keep it simple i actually went back to three to five flaves in a mix for a while until i was happy with my end product so be patient , learn your flaves , just because alot of mixers like a certain flaves doesnt mean you will and never be afraid to ask someone for advice i always do


@vape4dayz Don’t feel bad, I made 80+ crappo’s before I finally figured out what I wanted for ONE S’mores mix.


Took the words right outa my mouth…

Stuffed bellpeppers
Grandmas pot pie

Are two Vapes I eventually want to make


You might benefit by sampling some of the recipes in Beginner’s Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes.
re: A Beginner's Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes
My favorite tastes are in the Tobaccos and Bakery areas. I tend to have the most positive results if I stay in these two categories.


I think we all reach that point somewhere along our mixing journey where nothing seems to work!
The best advice has been given already, test your flavours.
Get to know where that sweet spot is and remember that although 5% might be the general hotspot for a particular flavour for some your sweet spot might be 2% or 20%, that’s something that only you will find out for yourself. Sorry no easy shortcuts but hang in there.
Aim for a very simple mix of what you like, fruits,bakery,creams…?
Don’t over complicate it and take it from there.