My mom is qonna quit smoking after 35+ years

So my mom unexpectedly visited me and my wife today. Almost my whole family has turned from vaping, in the past five years, except my mom. My siblings had taken her into vape shops to try the samples and tanks and flavors and nothing. Either it seemed to complicated, the juice didn’t smell right, the flavors tasted like chemicals. Nothing. My sister pulled me aside after she knew I mixed my own juice and asked me to make some stuff towards what she likes. (I didn’t know they weren’t trying to get her to quit smoking) we’ve been trying for about two years.
I make 3-4 sample bottles, she smoked ultra-lights but has been smoking for 35+ years. She didn’t like anything. I let her try it on clearomizers, sub-ohm tanks, RDA’s. until…

I was going through an old box of spare vape gear, and I pulled out a sample bottle I had gotten from the Vape Council sample kit. “Loose Cut Leaves” a tobacco flavor. It steeped pretty dark, I opened it and its musky tobacco leave essence hit me like a smack of dirt.
I replace a coil in a subtank mini and tried it. Strong honey-ish and tobacco but …after 3 years, I thought I would reject the tobacco taste but dang it tasted great!!

I gave it to my mother to try, on top of an old IPV2 box. She took a small hit, at 7w (I set it to lowest, due to the lack of success up to this point)… She took a hit, coughed,… “Not bad”… my sister runs into the room, and she “what the f*** did she just say!!” My sister watched as she took a second hit,… “No way…Do you like it??”

I gave her the subtank mini and ipv2 with my sister promising to switch batteries out, but :slight_smile: that just happened today. :slight_smile: By the way, does anyone have a relatively good tobacco recipe, or suggestions?


Cant help you with a recipe, im just getting into tobaccos myself. I wish her the best in her quitting tho. My mom was the first to be converted, once the rest of the family saw us vaping it was just a matter of months before everyone else did.

It is a wonderful thing to watch!


yeah, it was really moving to see that she at least considered it. She was really against it a few months ago but I pulled some articles about the American heart association and vaping.


I am enjoying this mix , perhaps get @Kinnikinnick to see what he feels would work.

Dirty Seven

Ingredient %
Mile Seven (Tobacco Express) (ECX) 4
Tobacco DNB (INAWERA) 1

Flavor total: 5%

Remember to rate it at!

Loose Cut Reserve by Ozmos is a tasty vanilla-infused tobacco blend, a rich hearty flavor for true tobacco enthusiasts.
That’s the flavor description it had. I thought it was honey but eh haha It was really good. earthly, but was pleasantly surprised


Yeah this would be also a question for @Josephine_van_Rijn and maybe @Ohm_Sweet_Ohm

Hopefully one of these three experts may know.


@DarkJester89 …good for your Moms!

Can you make your stash viewable? Just curious to see what you have to work with…

I mean I could look at every recipe you have posted, but…


You’re picking up on the maple thing too…right? Or am I crazy?

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I get maple as well in that one , not real strong but it’s there.It is very cigarette like , I could see this working for several just starting out as well as those who simply enjoy the complex flavor of Tobacco.


The Inawera dirty neutral base has a lot to do with the analogue note; that’s what’s going to help with those looking for a cigalike flavor.


Congrats!! That’s awesome news! Still working on my sister, but the rest of my family has switched. It feels great. I NEVER thought my mom would.

+1 For the dirty seven. Also, anything @Kinnikinnick, @Josephine_van_Rijn, or @daath make that is tobacco related. And @RocketPuppy’s RY4 is bomb. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve mentioned this before, but…this flavor is going away soon from ECX, but BCF sells one called SC Mild Seven…it’s the same thing.:smirk:


Until then we can enjoy the sale price that ECX has on this flavor!:yum:


@Kinnikinnick Just switched it to public. I only have about 1/3 or so of what I actually have in my stash. I have about one of those grocery cloth bag totes full of boxes of concentrates haha. The maple I guess is what I was tasting, but I was for sure it was honey but eh. Still trying to get into the cucumber/cactus hype but… hahah small steps. I still haven’t reach out to get banana flavors yet. I did try a really good banana nut bread but I go in waves. Candy vapes, cereals, desserts, fruits. haha


I really hope she can make the switch! !! That’s a long steep time tho haha jk

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Well, it looks like you have the vanillas, sweet creams, Bavarian, meringue cheesecake and marshmallow type stuff to whip up a creamy vanilla base. I’m assuming you have no tobaccos in that grocery bag of yours?

I guess you could try TFA’s Black Honey Tobacco? They leave the tobacco out of the name now I believe and just call it Black Honey. Mixed with some vanilla it should be good. Just a stab in the dark here since I don’t know your mum or what the juice tastes like.
She might like this one;

The Bees Knees

Ingredient %
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA) 1.5
Black Honey (TPA) 2.5
Caramel (FA) 2
Cream Whipped (FA) 3
Honey (FA) 3
RY4 Double (TPA) 8

Flavor total: 20%

Remember to rate it at!

Can be tweaked to particular taste. Not rated just because it’s perfect (relatively good) for me. This mix disappears in a deep well RDA and I wonder what wrong with the mix.TA & 506 are a must.
No TH in this. You have to add other components.
If you like it, you can rate it.

It’s marked private :grinning:

unfornately, none yet, like I said, I hadn’t intended to take well to tobacco as well as I did. I’m ordering black honey today, well be making a black honey/vanilla mix :slight_smile: