My new diy hurts my lung

I just finished steeping my new tobacco recipe…
I just felt that my lungs are very loaded and started to hurts…

Tried my simple receipe include 10mg/ml mtl liquid…

Just 6% flavors.
10% nicotine
50% VG
35% PG

Of total liquid of 100ml

Any advices for the reason of blocked lung reason although accurate measurements…



Well, we need to know your recipe: 10% nicotine is meaningless if we don’t know the concentration you’re using: Many in American use 100mg per ml and Europeans favour 72mg/ml.

Your figures is also lacking 5% of what is in the mix. Again we need to know all the ingredients.

Obviously having excessive nicotine is the biggest issue that leaps to mind: over 7mg/ml risks diaphragm spasms along with coughing fits if you are sub-ohming.


100mg/ml nicotine is concentration…
4ml ry4
1ml vanillia
1ML caramel
10 ml nicotine
35ml PG
50Ml VG

Total 100ml
Mtl 10mg strength


So, 4ml RY4 (version not specified), 1ml Vanilla (version not specified), 1ml Caramel (version not specified), 10 ml nicotine, 35ml PG and 50ml VG. Could you specify what you are using. Also, try practicing counting to 100 - it may help.


He is mixing a 50/50 at 10mg strength id like to know what device he is vaping it on. I tried 6mg nic on my dual coil tengu rda at 80w and fml it hammered my lungs and throat lol


@Siso welcome to ELR, and although I am NOT a tobacco expert, I know a thing or two about vaping and mixing. First things first, vaping should NOT hurt. I’m concerned that it is.

What style of vaping are you doing ?? Mouth To Lung, or Direct To Lung ?? If you are vaping the former, MTL, 10% NIC isn’t terribly high, BUT, if you are vaping sub-ohm clouds in a DTL setup, that level of NIC is probably too high.

It looks basically like this …

Snap 2023-06-06 at 16.57.44

Disregard the Capella Apple Pie, that’s just a place holder. I have no way of knowing how strong your base NIC actually is, so I can only assume that by your numbers it’s 100mg NIC, but I could be wrong.

Nothing SCREAMS out “pain” UNLESS you are DTL’ing it.

We also don’t know how LONG your have been vaping, or if you JUST started. If you’ve been vaping a while, have you ever mixed before ? If so, have all or any of your previous mixes caused this issue ? What type of equipment are you using ? What wattage are you vaping at ??

Can you share (link or screenshot) the recipe exactly as you mixed it ?


Though taking it to 101%. Which is odd as 110% is the standard for hyperbolic estimations.


Welcome and glad you joined.


Best suggestion I can give you is to increase the VG levels. The more PG in a mix the harsher your mix will be. You didn’t mention your device your vaping on but 50% PG 50%VG only works on a low power pod system. I suggest making a 80%VG-20%PG mix if you’re using a RTA or RDA and let your mix steep a little longer.


Thanks everyone for caring to answer…
I am using vapresso Xros pod,mtl for sure…

Thats why I am using 50/50 vg/pg and mixing for 10mg strength…

Using Nic Select base…TFA flavors …

Thanks again everyone…