My New Ijoy Captain Pd 27070 Is NOT Working? 😣😠😬😢😧

My Brand New I joy Captain PD 27070 is NOT Working!?
I’m DEVISTATED!! It turns on, but Just WON’T Recognise any of my tanks?? It WON’T calibrate, I have to remove the battery’s every time I draw on it, just to get it write, but then it changes the resistance every time it goes into standby mode or gets turned off, (child lock)
It seems to have been already been Calibrated to 0.86ohm, probably in the factory? And has a mind of its own?
But it just WON’T keep the resistance of ANY TANK!? I’ve tried 11 different tanks, Only to blow 10 different coils, Dew to it continually changing the resistance while Vaping, The tanks I’ve tried include My DIY coils on my Goblin Mini Sub tank and my UD Easy Sub tank, Aspire Nautilus Mini 1 & 2, Aspire Nautilus X, Aspire Triton Original, Kangertech Mini C, Kangertech Nano, Vape Only D16, Eleaf GS Air,
If there is ANY ONE Out there that has had the same problem Or Knows how to fix it?

Reading and it seems it has Tc probs, try wattage mode i suppose.That does blow your brand new mod doesnt work right but w/ most things its best not to buy the 1st year of a new model. Gl to u.


Hi Worms1,
Thanx so much for your input, I have tried Wattage mode, it’s all I ever use, but I did try TC mode to see if it works any better with calibration? No Luck it was worse, like you said it was firing While in settings and using the power button to confirm??,this is how it blew my DIY Coils, I think you are VERY WRIGHT! To have said that I probably shouldn’t have bought the 1st one of its line, I will "try to return it for a refund? and Maybe I’ll try the new 18650 model,, you can NEVER go wrong with Shenzen Factory/Whearhouse, Well I’ve never had a problem with them Ever in 3 yrs now, I wish I hadn’t strayed/cheated on them, Australia SUCKS when it comes to Good Vaping Stores! No Laws! No Luck!
Thanx Again :anguished::cloud:

Clean the 510 connection with alcohol and a Q tip or toothpick wrapped in paper towel (damp not dripping wet).
Update the firmware, this may or may not help but will be necessary to do before any warranty will come into effect.
.Contact the shop you bought it from, make a YouTube video showing the problem as proof of the problem and depending where you purchased it from you should get some satisfaction.
Good luck!


Thanks So Much for your Help!, I will give these things a try and if it does works I’ll let you know, If not I "Will be contacting the Seller for a full refund, I’ve spent over $1000 in just 2 weeks with them, they really "should look after me!? All your advice is So helpful! My BIGGEST FEAR! is that they Won’t believe me and/or they say that there is nothing wrong with it? The Video is Such a Great Idea! I had thought of everything Other than that, I think? All receipts, photos, written letter with reason, the Mod, Should I ask them to send me the post pack addressed and ready to send back? That way they "Can’t say that they didn’t receive it because I sent it to the wrong address? (that has happened to me before)? I’m So worried that I have probably already lost my money, Vapes are So hard to return! They just Never want them back!? Australia! No law? No luck?
Thanx so much Again

Speak with our very own @Whiterose0818 and get a mod that will perform flawlessly every time.


When you video it it is a good idea to have another mod right next to it and switch the topper over to it while the video is rolling if possible. I have had a bad mod and got it replaced based on a video.

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Fantastic idea. Bookmarked.

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Hey Mate
Isn’t Ijoy part of Joyetech? If so good luck. I’ve got an Ultimo tank that’s 3 weeks old and it just quit working when I changed coils, (joyetech brand factory coils not using the RTA part of it) I of course thought it was a bad coil so I swapped it out only to get the same thing through every coil I had even the one I removed. I contacted a company I thought was reliable and trustworthy to be told they only honor a 24 hour warranty on any tank. I pointed out that Joyetech has a 90 day warranty and now I’m just being ignored by them. Joyetech wanted pics so I sent them now they want to give the pics to their R & D dept for study and they also asked for a video so I sent it. They closed their comment to me with the statement that I needed to have the dealer handle it. I can foresee the future here it’s going to be a case of nobody does anything Sweet-vapes and Joyetech both screw me over

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There is a lot of hokey crap in this industry. I’ve got mods that simply don’t do what they claim. Mods that the paint falls off of. Mods that have developed stupid flaws i.e. the IPV8 that the battery door pops open often. I have found four brands that have delivered well, Yihi, Lost Vape, Hcigar, and Vaperesso. Eleaf, Pioneer for You, Wiz Bang (wismec), and Smok are either flaky or real hit and miss.