My New Plot To Save The World With Vaping

Okay, I was over on the WHO website today reading about cigarettes and landfills, methane gas, pollution… etc. With all the new Going Green push these days. Why not use it to our advantage? Feel free to borrow these photos

It’s time to turn the fight back on them


While I wholeheartedly applaud the effort vaping isn’t as “green” as we would like. Plastic pods litter is no better for the environment than cig butts. How many of us recycle spent coils and broken tanks, devices, and batteries?


Playing on ‘green’ card would backfire on us sooner or later. Imagine if every smoker turns into vaping and how much palm oil would be needed and further deforestation (and pesticides and exctinction of species and…), how many batteries…

Even if vaping was ‘greener’, it would be pretty hard to convince any non-vaper in any benefits with those numbers and it would be pretty easy for the Big Tobacco to run their manipulation tricks and ‘buy’ public opinion. We should rather focus on health benefits, much prolonged life and be able to play with your grand grandkids, saved money, ease of reducing an addiction on the nicotine and similar.


Your heart and mind are in the right place and thankyou for giving of yourself towards the fight to support vaping and better health, but I have to agree with @Letitia and @Mikser . These pro-tobacco a-holes are good at manipulation and they will turn it around on you extremely fast.
Maybe do an analysis of health care costs (both insurance covered and out-of-pocket) to smoking related illnesses compared to those of vaping? Most people are concerned with increased healthcare costs and death stats. Money rules all and maybe showing what the costs are to non-smokers for the tobacco related care might have a greater impact. I dunno, trying to beat these guys is deeper than the 6ft graves we pay them to create.


Just turning the WHO’s words back on them. Somebody needs to go on the offensive LOL


Good subject,thanks for your input. I would really like to see someone go after these people:


vaping is bad for the planet. it makes people live longer. those people pollute the planet for a longer time.

Save the Planet ! kill everyone at 30, problem solved.

but really, this planet is going to be here just fine LONG after humans are gone, so who gives a crap.


I believe it will be here too but anything I can do to tick the WHO off…you know LOL


I’m with you 110%, Michele. I offer my help. Someone has to fight the good fight no matter what the negatives may be. We have to keep at it and not give up no matter what. If there’s anything you want me to do let me know. Personally, I think a class action suit by all the ex-smokers, via vaping, should ensue. Afterall, they are putting our health in jeopardy with these restrictions. To hell with Big T and P, the times they are a changing. This is the time to STRIKE !!!


I’d love to think that but humans are notorious for leaving a trail of destruction behind. I fervently hope the planet escapes that fate.


Personally I think confusing people might be a better strategy:


Love this and pictures shared :cowboy_hat_face:

Altough also take into consideration that the battery usage also isn’t that green…
If you look at your desk or table at home… at this moment… what does NOT contain a battery these days?