My Nic is over a year old

So I first got into DIY a October 2013. I was tired of buying pre made juice as it is expensive and not always the flavor I am looking for. I did some research and settled on some supplies. I purchased 100mg nic from myfreedomsmokes for 50 bucks dilluted in vg. Like a month later they had a sale and I purchased another liter. So I had almost 2000 ml of nic which I put into glass bottles and they have been stored in the deep freezer minus the move from one state to the next… If only used maybe 500ml of this stuff… Didn’t mix flavors for a long while after getting frustrated with it was only vaping base for almost 10 months so my Nic was going slowly… They say Nic in vg only lasts about a year… Should I be looking at replacing my nic? Any advice is appreciated… I don’t have anything to compare it to as this is the only Nic I have ever purchased and with 1500 ml sitting in the freezer it’s hard to justify buying more lol

With proper storage it should be fine but the nicotine level may not be what it was anymore. I have never seen/tasted this myself but from what I read here on the forum bad nicotine spoils the taste of your end product. As far as I remember it develops a black peppery taste when it goes bad.


I have no “proof” but if your nic have been in cold storage in the freezer, it shouldn’t be going bad. How long is to long? I would think it should be good for 5 or 6 year at least. Look and see if the color has changed, and be sure to let it come up in temp when you remove some from the freezer and shake well… then try. It isn’t going to get stronger over time, so it isn’t going to hurt to test it in a mix.


Frozen nic for me has always been the same as fresh for me even after 3 years of being in the freezer. I don’t see you having any trouble as long as it’s quality nic.


agreed. if it did lose strength, i would bet you that you’ll never even notice. nicotine is physically addictive obviously, but im convinced it’s more mental than anything else.

@Nicotine_River sells a pretty cheap kit to test why not check and make sure