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My (not a) review of the "Green Drip (SthrnMixer Original)" e-liquid recipe


First off let me preface my review by saying this.

I may be new to you guys here on this forum, but as I said on my introduce yourself thread, I’ve been reading post here for some time. I have followed @SthrnMixer for years, he has been the source of many good vapes and adaptations for me. So when I got the email that he published Green Drip, I went straight to it.

Here it is:

Well, the first thing I noiced was that the “green” came from cucumber and mint. As it turns out I have neither. The second thing I noticed was that it has Fruit Cup Texture and Spearmint and I don’t have thoes either.

Don’t worry I can still do this. Just need to make a few substitutions. So in keeping with the green I put absinthe in place of the cucumber and wintergreen in for the spearmint. Now instead of menthol I used koolada and for the fruit cup texture I used my own Wet (stone). Which I just added as a flavor in case anyone wants to see it.

A quick finger taste of this mix made me think this just might be OK. So, I thught, lets do it again. In keeping with the green i used Key Lime Pie (the Real Flavors VG version) in place of the absinthe, and mixed up another bottle. Now it was time to do the tasting for this review. First I tried the mix with key lime. Holy [bleep] this is terrable. I took it straight to the sink and said goodbye to it. So a little disalusioned I tried the absinthe mix, and you know what, you know what, It’s not bad.

And now for the thumbs up or thumbs down down for Green Drip (SthrnMixer Original)

How would I know I haven’t tasted it yet. But what I can tell you is… that I owe SthrnMixer and all you guys on the ELR forum a big thank you. Your recipes, advice and comments have made a big difference to so many DIY’ers. To all of you sharing on this forum, Thanks.



I’d like his juice more if he wasn’t such a d-bag



Thank you for the review!



Thanks for tthe info, I didn’t know. please wait for the edits then.



UhOh. Sorry if I messed up, I see that this has been moved. I’m suprised that this was moved from the Pub to here since it wasn’t really an e-liquid review. It is actually a homage to the family of posters that make up this forum. I guess somebody didn’t read it or (more likely) just didn’t understand my sense of humor.



Not sure who moved it but it is in good either place.



My bad. I put it back to the Pub side. The title was pretty clear to me.



You are right about that. My first ever topic creation, I live and learn. lol



Subbing flavors changes what the author originally intended. Technically the review would then be for your recipe, inspired by him of course.



Lol thats funny… At first I was like huh then i ended up smiling thank you for that



You were not the only one bewildered by my post, so I just made a quick edit to the title. My intent was to show appreciation to everyone here who have been so helpful in my DIY journey.



I liked the original better!



If people didn’t get what you were doing, that just adds to the humor, imo:)



Agreed. @SthrnMixer publishes some brilliant pairings with easy substitutions. Even when your tests go wrong (Key Lime) that’s where the real learning happens. Defining a “Color Wheel” concept (The “Flavor Wheel”?) isn’t too far apart from your experiment.

With your “green” flavors comparison, you discovered this for yourself, and that took some reckless abandon …which is my approach also. You’ll never uncover that magic combo until you mix up some CrAzY sh*t! I find some of the top mixers on ELR are a little Radical in their approach, straying from the Path so to speak. Mix on Brofessor~!



Awww man Chuck, I’m humbled to say the least. Thanks. I hope at some point you have the missing flaves and can give this a go. I quite like it!

Well don’t hold your breath waiting for me to improve! Old dog, new tricks…you know the score! :slight_smile:



Oh. Well in that case…I knew that! :slightly_smiling_face:



Oh, I will. I really have tried many of your mixes, they don’t disappoint.



Tell that to my myriad of utter failures. If I vaped everything I mixed I’d never need to mix again :wink: