My Precious Nic

So I just went to order another 50mg bottle for my adventures in freebase fruity fusions and the cap has gripped my DIY reseller.
In Canada I am only able to purchase 20mg strength. Does this mean all my flavors will be less flavourful now? I would be using close to double the nic base. I was toying with the idea of mixing pod juice as well… with 20mg salts would it be tough to get a 48 mg pill that taste decent?

Edit: foresight, should of obviously ordered bulk but didn’t think the ban was stretching past commercial storefronts.


You will make up the difference by using more/less PG or VG since your Nic Base is different now…The Calculator will solve all concerns …

You wont be able to get 48mg/ml with your nic being at 20mgml


My friend you now vape 20mg