My problem with Cotton

I’ve tried several types of Cotton, my latest is Muji. But with all the Cottons I get this type of very dry mouth almost like a glue feeling and if I use it for more than an hour I start loosing taste and it can last for day or two. Sometimes the next day I even get a throat and chest feeling as if I’m coming down with a mild flu, that feeling of harshness. I never get this with Silica.
Maybe I am allergic to something that Cotton releases I’m not sure but wonder if anyone else has problems with Cotton?

Back when I was using cotton balls and cotton that came out of medicine bottles (in hindsight, probably not a good idea! LoL), I felt like I was getting muted flavor compared to out-of-the-box, silica wicked coils. Since switching to the Japanese organic and learning that I was putting way too much in, I haven’t had a problem. I bought some silica wick, but had a beast of a time trying to use it and haven’t touched it since. I’ve heard some use and swear by rayon (wood, not synthetic based) or hemp. Have you tried either of those?

Use rayon. Or mesh (special atomizer is needed for that).

As @JoJo has mentioned it could be that you’re using too much cotton.

One thing I personally do with my fresh wicked cotton is that I juice it up and then blast it without my cap on just to wear in the cotton slightly.

I almost use up a full cotton fill of juice burning the cotton in.

Then after I do this I Vape away.



I do run the cotton and tried various amounts of it but I get same result. I can’t even vape with fresh cotton, it’s really harsh for me. I guess I must have allergies to it if it doesn’t bother anyone else. Never tried Rayon yet mainly because I hear it puts out some bad chemicals or something but not sure how much true is in that.

I haven’t tried the rayon yet, but I don’t have a problem with Japanese cotton and I’ve only got 800 more squares of that to go through before I get to try rayon.


And do you place your airflow holes directly in front of the coil - no obstruction with either cotton or anything else? There needs to be proper airflow, or you will get harsh hits…


From what I understand, that was the old synthetic rayon. New rayon is made with cellulose from wood pulp. I have heard some people love it and others don’t. I guess everyone has their thing. Cotton, silica, stainless mesh, rayon, hemp…they all have their supporters and detractors. I say it is whatever works for you and keeps you off cigarettes. :smile:


Ive been using the Cellu Coil Cotton the last few weeks. I bought it at Sallys for about $3. Its rayon made from wood fiber. It wicks very good and taste is good.

Rayon is pure cellulose. Like USP grade VG for DIY. They both are made artificially to some extent using some chemicals and other things. Glycerine is usually made from bio-diesel (this is why the word vegetable), for example.

But you don’t vape natural glycerine, because it is contaminated. Why would anyone in their sane mind would vape natural and contaminated cotton? Makes no sense at all.

It doesn’t matter which chemicals are used in production, the result is pure chemically clean product. This is the only thing that matters.

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I’ll give the Cellu Coil Cotton Rayon a go than. In the mean time I’ll stick with Silica which is fine with me, only doesn’t wick too well on certain builds.


Let us know the results! I’m curious to see how you like the Rayon. Good info if anyone else is sensitive to cotton, too. :smile:

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that explains a lot :flushed:

my new troll was giving out dry hits and thus has just fixed it haha

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