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Any way adding a new feature to organize our recipes? @daath
The ability to create sub folders would be convenient to help keep things organized


Daath mentioned a while back that Folders was on his to-do list.

It’s something that I would also like to see.

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@Shaner’s right - It’s been brought up several times (and has been on my list for very long)… It’s something with fairly high priority to me now, so expect it soon(ish) :smile:


Saw a screenshot of elr in a Facebook diy group that had a drop down menu for folders. Can’t find the post now, but is this functionality active and where is it?

We’re currently testing it :slight_smile: It will be live very soon, provided it functions as intended (which it is doing so far!) :smiley:

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Fantastic, this will result in big reduction in ADHD among us all. Can’t wait!

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