My Roll Top Desk

So long about 2007, I had been through quite a traumatic ordeal. Without going into too much detail, one of our bedrooms here at home was suddenly vacant. What to do? Leave it as is out of a sense of nostalgia or repurpose and be practical. Having been through 2 years of physical therapy on my back and being told I should change professions, I decided to start my own business and work from home, using that spare bedroom as an office. So I found a nice roll top desk at an antique store and put it to good use.

Not long after that I wanted to stop smoking. i had heard about e-cigarettes but didn’t know what they were. So after some beer and Googling, I ordered (I think it was this) a My Freedom Smokes kit and 50 replacement cartridges. It was a cigalike. Oh I remember the excitement when it arrived. I charged the battery, installed the first cartridge and took a pull on it. Amazing! Out came what looked and felt like smoke but no fire. Taste? Hell I have no clue. It wasn’t anything recognizable I can tell you.

I went through half those cartridges in just a few days and decided this wasn’t working. In the meantime I had been reading more about vaping. So I ordered an 801 Pen Style. It arrived and I still had a dozen or so cartridges left from the other, But this was amazing compared to that, so in the desk they stayed. More googling. More reading. Which lead me to decide that the Joyetech Evo and tank was the answer.

That came soon after and the experience was way better. No more cartridges to lug around. No more 20 puffs and empty. Now I can vape away and it will last all day. But oh no, dead battery! Shit, now I need something that lasts longer.

Along came my visit to Volcano and the subsequent purchase of a Lava Tube and Vivi Nova, as well as some liquid and extra batteries. LOVED IT! Makes everything before it look like child’s play. Now I’ve reached vaping perfection. Never need to buy anything again. Until the leaking, dry hits, Poor construction of the Lava Tube.

Hells bells. I find myself on the Totally Wicked website and after some reading, am utterly convinced my best bet is to drop $160 on an ElectronS and some attys. It was ok, but dang 9 watts max all the time and still wondering where the vapor was. Holy crap, I thought. I’ve spent a small fortune on vaping gear and still unsatisfied. Let’s see, what else is out there?

The iTaste VTR. Now here’s a marvel in PV construction. Solid as a tank. Speaking of tanks, the one that came with it was the nastiest tasting cartomizer I’ve even used. Drag was very tight and this metallic taste combined to ruin it for me So someone told me I needed a Kanger Aero tank because it would fit in the little ring of the VTR. It did. It sucked. I hated the Aero Tank and those atomizers that would last about 48 hrs. “So get a Nautilus Mini” a friend tells me. I did, and for several months it was what I thought to be vaping perfection.

Then I visited a local vape shop intending to buy another VTR. I’m convinced the price for a 15 watt device made no sense when there was this Tesla right there able to do the same watts. I bought it. Stuck with it and the VTR for some time until the guy at the vape shop said “hey, pop your drip tip on here and give this a try” It was an Orchid tank sitting on a mech mod. DAMN that’s good! Bought one.

Next visit bought a plume veil. Next time a Freakshow. Mods, mods mods.

Now here I sit cleaning out my desk. What do I find? Well there’s the Freedom Smokes batteries, charger, and the remaining cartidges. The 801, the VTR, 2 Aerotanks, 3 Nautilus mini and 1 regular Nautilus. Orchid, Kayfun Lite, Tesla, Atlantis, 4 mech mods, 5 RDAs, and all kinds of little tank seals, o rings, screws, screwdrivers, allen keys, etc, etc.

To me this is all a bunch of junk but maybe worthy of putting in a time capsule with a printout of this message. I don’t know where my vaping journey ends. Right now I’m very satisfied with my Delta II’s, Subtank Mini,and drippers along with some mechs, IPV2 mini, iStick 50w and Sigelie 100w. But the vaping world is constantly improving with advancements in technology and engineering. My guess is this time next year I’ll be rummaging through my roll top and find all these things that today provide me with vaping pleasure. I can only imagine what I will have replaced them with.


I have a bone pile as well! I look back now and say, “Geez, I was a fool for paying that much for that Genesis style atomizer!”. But, at the time it was very cutting edge!

Now, I’m like, if the atomizer is over $28.95…forget it!


Hey @SthrnMixer, thanks for sharing thoughts out loud. Glad to hear I’m not alone with the "Pack rat " routine.
I’ve been looking at my “Vaping cuboard” here in the truck and shaking my head smiling, but everyone of those Cartomizer’s and Cig look-alike’s have such fond memories from, Tulsa, Green Bay,Savannah, when they were bought new.
All little chapters in life.
But Damn I gotta get rid of them! and their boxes to. Need the room. Speaking of…
Sorry to hear about the empty room and Phys therapy. Sounds like a pretty rough Chapter, but, least your still in the game. Piece of a old country song there, can’t remember which.
Vape on friend…


@Highcountry I was a truck driver for 16 years. I had a back injury in 2005 and that effectively put an end to my driving career (not that I miss it, mind you!) but this was before I had heard of e-cigarettes. I can only imagine what a non-smoker would have thought after climbing into a truck I had driven for a couple of years. Back then I was a true smoker - cigarettes of course were top billing, but I also smoked cigars and pipes. And in my pipes…lots of tobaccos with Latakia. Holy cow, poor guys who had to use my truck after me! Latakia smells like a campfire that was put out with cola and bong water, then left to ferment for months in an old basketball sneaker.

Oh well, those days are behind me now. Currently I am an independent contractor brokering freight. My office doesn’t smell like Latakia or La Gloria Cubana. Those aromas have been replaced by fruity, creamy goodness! Be safe out there on the highways sir. It was a dangerous place to make a living 10 years ago and I can only imagine how it is now.


That’s funny. I know what you mean, in fact I may have bought your old truck in the late '90’s. never could get unknown stench out of it. Sold it pretty quick.
Trust me your on a better path now. Not like it used to be out here, even in your time. I have 39yrs out here, last 22 in heavy haul and trust me, I’m a dinosaur, the new guys think in a whole different way. There’s no camaraderie any more it’s all but gone.
Dangerous out here? shit, most people wouldn’t believe what goes on out here, but we’ll leave that be, the wife reads these post’s and she worries enough as it is.
I don’t say much on here, just the way I am, but I enjoy reading your posts. Keep it up. See Ya around…