My super quick intro to diy ejuice πŸ˜„

So I thought it would be a good idea to throw together a super fast and easy beginners guide with some of the stuff I learned right here

I know I missed a lot of stuff out but I was trying to make a short video

Let me know what you guys think


Nice. The bloopers are funny. Just one note. Nicotine will soak through latex gloves. How fast? I don t know but if people are cheap and reuse their gloves, kinda defeats the purpose, it can and will get through. Awesome vid.



Weighing looks easy. I used to have a digital scale but had to get rid of it few years ago :confused:

Good video btw, I always forget that a lot of you guys are from other then the U.S.

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Can we get this translated to Texan ? lol J/K
Great video! Appreciate your work.


I’m not sure he can pull off that kind of accent, but then again Rick from walking dead and Greg House fooled me for years


Il give it a try hahaha thanks guys :grinning: :+1:t2:

Version two should be the California edition with highway shortcuts on how to get to each step faster.


Great vid. I enjoyed it and learned a little something.

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Nice job there @PIXXIEPUFFS; Keep up the good work.

Your cat looked at you likeβ€¦β€œYour chair? What the hell are you talking about! This is my chair and I’d appreciate it if you’d stay out of it! And oh yeah, where’s my dinner? Chop! Chop! Silly human!”


@Lostmarbles @Jimk

Thanks very much guys.

Next up is the Goliath review as soon as I’ve got it working good haha

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That was a really great video. Very informative & to the point. I learned a lot and I appreciate it.


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Great vid mate, short and sweet with no bull… Well done.

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Not even going to lie, I ordered a digital scale. I love how easy it is to do this. My stuff is in the ultrasonic now, gonna give it few cycles before i try it.


thanks so much everybody i really appreciate it :relaxed:

…and the clouds parted! Rays of glorious sunlight shone down upon your head!


I never knew about the grams part, I am military so break it down Barney style for me and I am good, took me about 5 minutes to whip up a bottle of my favorite vanilla custard, happy days!!!


I like how you’ve paced this video, good & logical.

If you need a chuckle sometime, check it out on subtitles ;0)

(don’t worry i understand you perfectly just didn’t want to wake up my son)

Nice video mate! Came up with this idea today, sharing provided you have this laying around. Made for a clever alternative to your drill method:)

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