My TC Mod doesn't detect Ti, what do I do?

I was telling some guys about Ti wire and how nice it is. One guy said he had a Snow Wolf 200w TC and it did not detect Ti wire. Well I have been hearing that some mods even though they do not detect Ti can still work with temp control and Ti wire. So I started googling “Snow Wolf 200w Titanium”. I ran across this thread from Vaping Underground and I quote…

“Coming from mech mods I almost exclusively use drippers so i want to
know which of these devices would work best with an RDA with a titanium
build. I had the snowwolf on preorder but I didn’t realize that it
doesn’t auto detect titanium wire which means that I would have to dial
it down about 140 degrees to use titanium wire.”

I said to myself, REALLY, I have switched all my RBAs to Ti and my Eleaf doesn’t detect Ti. I’m gonna try it. Now after playing I can not say that 140 degrees is the sweet spot cause it appears different tanks and builds will make it vary, but, I was able to dial in the Crown, and my Zephyrus, both built with Ti wire. Suddenly My Eleaf 40w TC has use again. Try it people, see what results you come up with and let us know…

Most TC mods are not design for Ti. From my understanding the temp reading for Ti may be off by 200 degrees or more on the negative end. In other words 600 degrees for Ni200 could be 350-450 when using Ti. I come to realize the temp range for Ti change, depending on the juice, build, tank or wire. It would be cool if you could set your sweet spot and everything you used would vape the same. Most times you have find your sweet spot and then lock the keys. As long as your juice, coil and tank stay the same than it’s golden.


I’m finding with the Eleaf I’m having to have to go lower. I was vaping between 450 and 480 with the Eleaf before and have set the temperature at 380 (the Crown - .21 ohms) and it seems to vape pretty much the same as on my IPV4s. Truthfully I don’t feel my taste senses are as sharp as yours. I’m assuming there are a lot of people out there just like me who will hardly see a difference.

Though this may not be, shall we say kosher, it actually gave my Eleaf 40w TC a new purpose. Of course we wouldn’t want to go out and buy a brand new unit to use it in this manner but My Eleaf would have just wound up in a drawer someplace, so why not…

You got any TC units that don’t detect the Ti? If so, play with it and see what you think…

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Also, if you make dual coils with Ni200/titanium, you’ll need to fiddle around with your temperature settings, because the mod will not act as intended. Why you ask? Because just as you halve the resistance with two identical wires, you also halve the temperature coefficient of resistance. With the X Cube II you can actually set the temperature coefficient of resistance, so it will read the temperature more accurately (also, it has a dual coil setup) :smile:

My “problem” with the TC40W us that it uses all 40W as ramp up, which isn’t always as pleasant…


I’ve been using titanium wire with my ipv4 that only reads ni200 with the single coil tfv4… then I switched to the dual coil… it hits really cold with dual coils at the same temperature??? I cannot wait until my MILITA MOD dna200 arrives!!!

Have you upgraded the firmware on your IPV4 to allow Ti support and 120w?