My v thru pod 1.2ohm tastes burnt after some puffs :(

Nicotine juice 20 mg (50/50 PG/VG) ml 20.00 Grams 22.97 % 20.00
PG dilutant ml 30.00 Grams 31.08 % 30.00
VG dilutant ml 40.00 Grams 50.44 % 40.00
Black note Havana (flavor) ml 10.00 Grams 10.00 % 10.00

Suggested steep time: 15 days
Strength: 4 mg
PG/VG-ratio: 50/50
Flavor total: 10 ml / 10g (10%)

Always my e juice smells burnt after some puffs… the pod that i use is 1.2ohm 12W

Is it possible that the VG\PG dilutant I use is to blame?

or what…?


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The liquid is probably not the problem: a 50/50 blend won’t cause any issues with most stock coils. From you mentioning that it smells burnt after some puffs, it seems to be that the coil is not wicking properly. This generally happens in stock coils when they are packed a little too tightly when they are manufactured.

Generally this is fixed by gently teasing the cotton to loosen it up slightly. Although, I think the coils in the Thru are fixed in the pod, so might to be challenge. Someone who’s more into pods will probably turn up later to lend a better hand.


I’m not a pod-person, but from what I could see, these pods have no access to the coil itself so it may be difficult to tweek the wick. Have you let it sit for 10 mins or so after filling? tI may take a while for the juice to saturate the wick. From my experience, once it burns, that coil is probably done for and may taste burnt no matter what you do. Have you been able to successfully use this device with no problems before? It may also be a case of the deviceputting out more power than displayed.
I would try a new pod, fill it with juice and let it sit for 10 mins, then lower your wattage to maybe 8W and try a few puffs. Increase the wattage by 1W and try it again. Repeat until you find what works for you.
Good luck and welcome to the forums.


Thank you for your replay.

When I fill a new pod with liquid, I let the pod for at least 15 minutes before I use it.

When I use market 50/50 e juice everything is fine but when I use my 50/50 DIY liquids on new pod, after a while tastes burnt…

I thought it was the PG/VG liquid I use or the “black note” flavor…


I reread your post…
You said “smells” burnt. Does it taste burnt? It could be that the particular tobacco flavoring may have an ash-like flavor which gives off a burnt smell to mimic an actual cigar/cigarette/pipe smell? Just shooting in the dark.


First of all, thank you for your response!

It smells but mainly it has a burnt taste, in the beginning when I put the liquid the taste is normal, after a few puffs it starts to have a burnt taste!

I will follow your advice with Watts 8W for a start and I will upload 1W after a few puffs and I will see how it goes …

Τhank you very much for your advice!


Definitely seems to be a coil issues, a commercial NET shouldn’t be the cause.

I hope it works out well for you. Sadly with integrated coils it results in having to replace the pod when you have issues.


A little tip that I found when I used factory coils was after priming your coil take a few decent puffs WITHOUT firing the device, this will help saturate the coil fully before use, for extra dense coils I would close the airflow when doing this but be careful not to overdo it because you could flood the coil. There are a couple of e liquids that I’ve tried that I could only use on a rebuildable atomiser because they would blacken and burn a coil head out after the first tank or two.


I don’t use pods so I had a little look around for you and it is possible that you might have vapor lock stopping the juice wicking into the coil. You can test this by opening up the fill port on your pod whilst still full of juice and if you see bubbles rising up from the coil then that could be your issue, I have experienced this problem with tanks. If this is the case try not to fill the pod completely to the top but leave a little gap for air. You could also try adding a little bit more PG to your mix so it comes out at around 55-60% PG. I’m afraid that’s about all of the help that I can give you right now and I hope you can fix your problem soon. Please let us know how it goes.


Thank you very much for the response! I have already done what Lostmarbles suggested to me and it seems to work! I am very happy because I thought it was the fault of the liquid I had made! I will do what Lucas_James_Holden suggests before I put the pod in the machine because it has automatic suction! I will combine both tips! Thank you very much, you really helped me!


I am very pleased to hear that it’s all working well for you now, I remember things like this happening to me with Smok coils and it gets expensive when it does happen.


I’m glad that you got it working. Funny how every device has it’s quirks, right? Live, learn, and remember the lessons at a later time :wink: