30% Off Sale

Does anyone know about the 30% off deal has going on DIY liquid? It’s listed on their homepage. The prices are the highest I’ve seen. For example, some 15ml bottles of TPA are $2.95, and I’ve seen others for $3.95. Maybe I’m crazy, but those can’t be the prices AFTER 30% off, right? Maybe a code is needed but I can’t find one.

EDIT: NVM my message. I’ve been up all night and that’s my excuse. $2.95 for 15ml isn’t bad at all actually.

Their sale price matches ecx everyday price before the 10%. With the discount ecx everyday price is lower. That’s not much of a sale.

Thanks for the tip. Only problem I have is ecx doesn’t seem to carry TPA. Is that true, or am I not looking hard enough?

Signature is rebottled TPA. Use this code for 10% off… ELRECIPES

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Gotcha. I see them now. Thanks man!

So basically the ones I’m looking at are $1.80 for 10ml after the discount. Looks good to me.

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BCV is cheaper usually. 1.75 for 10ml. Just throwing that out there. :wink:

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It’s too bad I cant find anywhere with free shipping. Sucks to buy 2 flavors and have the price double because of shipping. Just out of curiosity, do any of your local vape shops sell flavorings? I’ve got a few decent size shops in my area, but none sell flavors; just premade liquid that now seems way overpriced.

Placed an order last night with ECX. All Signature line is 20% off. Code Signature20. I believe it goes on through today and ends tomorrow.

Just an FYI, MFS usually jacks their prices up just prior to a “sale”. At least I’ve found that to be the case. Once in a while they have a great sale on hardware, but the flavorings can be had cheaper at everyday prices at ECX or BullCityVapor.

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