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Mystery of juul mango

I’m gonna try to recreate the juul mango flavor minus the benzoic acid they use. Has anyone tried this before? What was the flavor brand? Did you let it steep if so how long? Just looking for any advice to get me started


My suggestion is to pick up a few mangos… try to blend them into something you will enjoy tasting, never mind trying to recreate the juul flavor. You might get lucky and find a mango taste you enjoy.

Small tip… add some sweet cream to it, as that is what they add too. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Never knew that


@anon84779643’s right @Trevor2 pick up a handful, as good juices are often times layered from multiple flavors, sometimes apparent, and other times, unexpected.

For example, it wouldn’t be uncommon for you to use 2-3 mangos combined, along with a supporting flavor or two, just to create a “Mango” finished recipe/mix.

This isn’t to say there aren’t GREAT flavors out there, that you can sometimes just use as a SOLO. Almost always however, supporting flavors is how it is done.


Just out of curiosity…

Do you know what purpose it serves in the mix?
A personal aversion due to something you’ve read/heard?

/genuinely curious


Last I checked @Sprkslfly, @Trevor2, it’s not a Juul thing per se, but a NIC Salts thing …

Benzoic Acid Innovation

Naturally occurring nic salts were discarded by cigarette manufacturers a half century ago because they were less bioavailable, but the introduction of benzoic acid has proved to be a game changer.

PAX Labs, the precursor company for Juul found not all nic salts are the same and the acid used makes a huge difference. They found that unlike naturally occurring nic salts, freebase nicotine treated with benzoic acid has very useful properties for an e-cigarette manufacturer.

Benzoic Acid Provides Nic Salt E-juices Three Use Properties:

  1. Benzoic acid reduces the alkalinity in freebase nicotine. This allows manufacturers to increase the nicotine level in nic salts well beyond the point where a conventional ejuice would be intolerable to vapers.
  2. Benzoic acid nic salts cross the blood brain barrier more quickly than freebase nicotine. It allows the nicotine salt to vaporize at a lower temperature. This allows for a smoother throat hit.
  3. Nic salt ejuices can be vaped at a lower temperature as well. So cheaper and less powerful devices were back in the game again.

Some very interesting reading there bud!
Thank you!


There is a lot of different mango flavorings out there.For all we know juul made their own flavoring.As was said give a few a try,most likely you will find a mango you like.Also juul runs at a very low wattage so even if you did strike the exact recipe,at 80 watts on a rda it would be different anyway.Just saying how you vape can change flavor profiles.I personally like inaweras shisha mango with another supporting mango and a touch of inaweras cactus.


Exactly…Every point you make in this comment is why they are saying to research and test…But you already have the answer…


I’d go for FLV Mango some Sweet Mango by CAP, add a touch of Cream and off you go, but that’s the way I’d go for it, not the truth, INW Shisha is real, but a bit dodgy to work with, you have to know how to pair it and a small percentage change, changes a lot the final outcome.


@Sprkslfly yeah so juul use benzoic acid to increase the hit of their nicotine, it concentrates it and gives that throat hit, if you’re using synthetic nicotine it most likely doesn’t contain it. It’s a VOC (volatile organic compound) and it’s very dangerous to inhale.


I think that’s backwards @Trevor2. It reduces throat hit, so the NIC levels can be much higher. The other big change is it dramatically increases the NIC’s uptake rate, so it’s almost identical to smoking, as opposed to a much slower uptake of freebase NIC.

I don’t know if Benzoic Acid is safe or not, as I get coughing fits every time I try and vape NIC Salts.


I’ve read in the last few weeks that benzoic acid is also an ingredient in analog tobacco because - as well as creating more absorbent nicotine - it suppresses the cough reflex.

Though I cannot remember where I read that I can confirm from my own experience that filling my lungs with commercial salt liquids, I can get a very nice lungful and I hold it in just for the feeling without feeling any need to cough it out.

I’ve said it already so I’ll sound repetitive, but nicotine salts feel exactly like tobacco smoke (@ the 50mg I’ve been into anyhoo) the only difference being it’s flavored like your liquid instead of smoke.

The bottle I cut down to 20mg/mL yesterday does have the same lung feel but …i’ve gotta suck-in twice as much before I start actually feeling it.

I would recommend anyone who hasn’t tried to find some 50mg commercial salts and have a go with whatever MTL hardware they like - if not simply so they experience the difference.

Obviously the lower the mg/mL the less lung feel there’ll be, but at 50 it’s absolutely like cigarette smoke: no prickling in the throat or lungs, but that tobacco-smoke like feeling when you inhale.

Unlike freebase also - which has always made me cough first thing in the morning when I have that first hit of the day - salts have never made me cough first thing: I can get up and go straight to a huge hit and it just sits in my lungs with that excellent barely noticeable burn until I exhale.

Maybe it’s the juices or type of salts you’ve tried had you coughing: that one bottle of Pachamama Sorbet made me cough my head off, but that was the only salt juice that did that


In reading the book “Devil’s Playbook” chapter 11 it gives some insight as to where the Juul flavors originated. Pretty interesting.