MyUwell D1 Tank

My thoughts on the Uwell Crown D1 after 5 days use (it is the beta version), but I believe they have shipped them out with no changes from the Beta?

The flavour is ok and no gripes from me about the coils. it is just the tank, what a phaff. I understand TPD (EU Directive) but the inner glass holds so little juice at 40-60w, the tank is empty in less than 60-90 minutes for me and I don’t chain vape.

Found the airflow is so much better if you leave the outer glass off but the whole tank looks weird with just the inner glass in.

The tank floods for me when filling unless you unscrew the atomiser from the mod and remove the bottom bucket first before filling and wipe the coil holder dry and inside the bucket before reassembling and reattaching. Not practical for out and about purposes.

Maybe it is just me, but interested to see what people say about it when it becomes more widely available. Me I think it is going to be another Rafaele failure to go along with the poor quality of the Uwell Crown 2 coils.

Ordered a Freemax Starre Pure, got a feeling it is going to be so much better than the Uwell D1.


myuwell D1 its not a crown but i get what your saying anyway , the tank doesnt even interest me its so sad to see the rafale fail then take the crown 2 and make look like the rafale twin and that failed , now this thing myuwell D1 smh they achieved greatness with the original crown im not sure why they didnt use that as their foundation for everything else smh

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Adjusted the header, MyUwell D1 is the same as yours, just habit associating with Uwell and Crown…

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if only they would have upgraded their original crowm uwell is on a downward spiral since its release its sad