Naked 100 Really Berry, Very Berry

Guys trying to replicate naked Really Berry(old name) Very Berry, what ever i found before nothing comes close to it.
please if anyone have anything, spread the wealth :metal:
Thanx :pray:


No idea how close it would be but VSO blueberry VSO blackberry Lemonade Flavorah and sweetener… probably a good place to start … that’s just based on the flavor profile ( The taste of sweet, freshly picked blueberries exquisitely combined with the rich taste of blackberry and finished with a lemon sugar drizzle.)


I made some one a Naked Very Ice remix which is Three berries and its super icy …The hardest part was replicating how Icy Naked had their liquid …

Now this is not the same as yours but it nailed the fruit part of Nakeds…

In your case I would use FLV Boysenberry as the Black berry party since most Blackberries are meh . Your favorite Blueberry Combo and lemon add sweetener to your preferred

This particular person uses a Smok Sub ohm tank so I had to make the Recipe for that tank