Native Wicks! Awesome Product!

Just picked up some Native Wicks yesterday and man this stuff is awesome!
This stuff gives instant flavor right from the first hit after wicking!
No break in taste what so ever and it wicks awesome!
Well worth the money spent!


hmm me likey. like the “made in the USA”


That’s one of the main reasons why I got it :+1:

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I just wicked one of my tanks with this stuff. Very, very straight fibers. So far so good. Very clean from the start. Only thing is I’m not sure what the benefit is over Cotton Bacon which I’ve been using for some time now. And I did notice the tank did a lot of spitting at me for the first several puffs. After that though it seems to have settled in and wicking well.

Anyone else tried this and have any thoughts?

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It would appear no one is interested in this wicking material. And probably for good reason.

I think it’s a decent wick. Certainly seems to outlast the coil needing to be cleaned. But I’m just not impressed with the texture - or rather the straightness of the fibers. It’s almost like a flimsyish fiberglass it’s so straight.

I found it does a great job wicking, and works probably best in the Pharoah. But in most other tanks I think it’s not very user friendly. Loves to maintain that straightness so when trying to work it into wicking slots, etc it tries to spring back to straight.

So for me, I’ll use up the little puck I bought and never buy it again. Back to Cotton Bacon.

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I love native wicks! I haven’t had any issues with it and the flavor is great. I got a free sample forever ago and I finally used it, i like it better than ojc sheets and I feel like it’s on par with the cotton bacon I’ve tried.


I havent used the native wicks that come in the dip can yet but the platinum blend is freakin amazing! Lightning vapes does this thing where you can get a roll of wire and a bag of platinum as a bundle for really cheap so I got some to try. Now I keep it on hand and use it mostly in rta’s. It wicks sooo good and with no break in. I had tried original cotton bacon and had no issues with performance but i always pull off way more than I need and struggle to get the amount of cotton right. I can eyeball the square cotton sheets pretty good but these cottons that come in big wads are harder to estimate. I dont have that issue with NW platinum. I usually cut off about 2" worth and can wick 2 or 3 atomizers with that one little piece. Imo, its excellent stuff, and I thougt the fancy cottons were just a gimmick

i did as well and i also hated rba / rta / rda etc until i started using cotton bacon v2 it has changed the experiance for me

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