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Nature's Flavors Reviews


try at a much lower % than the other brands. some dont seem strong at first but most steep strong AF



Great tip bud! :thumbsup:



I will definitely try that! Thanks for the tip! So little info on these here, can’t seem to find a recommended %, so I tried the chai at 5 to see what happens. Less is probably more.



16 day steep on this, and it’s quite tasty! It started out heavy on the cocoa powder effect, but it’s much more like real chocolate now with steeping. This is a good chocolate covered cherry, but I might up the cherry to 3% next time. The lower %s on the NF seems to be very effective.



Just got Natures Flavors from DIYVaporsupply, they are an easy place to get them and the only place that I have found. Got the legendary Malt (Thank you @Beaufort_Batches) and I also got Butter; Both Organic (Whatever that means, really…).

Both smell great and I have high hopes for them.

After playing with my previous batches of Natures flavors…

(All ‘Organic’)

Orange Cream- This I had high hope for but it sort of let me down. The orange is good, very real without having that gross taste that oranges can tend to have. The cream part however is what does not do this flavor justice; it is more vanilla than cream, and not a very good one at that. At least it doesn’t match the profile for orange cream. I tried to sub it in a recipe where I use TFA Orange Cream, and I much prefer the TFA. Might have to try it in a different recipe, see if it works better there. I will say this; It is better than the RF SC Orange Cream.

Lemonade- This smells much different than other lemons I have used. I had high hopes for it, but it kind of let me down. It is very sweet on its own which is great! Maybe I have to use it at a higher %, but it just did not yield much taste at all. Perhaps turning it up will remedy this.

English Toffee- This was one that smelled fantastic! Though, so far I have noticed it tends to get buried very easily. Put it in my last sugar cookie recipe at 4%, maybe this will help it. Not many Toffee flavors out there, but this is the one I have chosen to play with it. Will use it up until I cannot find a happy recipe, then will move on to another one. So far, so good though!

Watermelon- This is such an odd flavor! I already reviewed it in my Watermelon thread, but this is by far the sweetest flavor I have ever tasted. It doesn’t necessarily taste like watermelon though?.. Almost tastes like a sweet dough, has me wondering if DIYVS screwed up my order. May try ordering it again to see if I get the same results.

Would love to know what everyone else is using NF concentrates at, % wise. Specifically, fruits.



Do not try the Chai at 5%!! A couple of drops, .08-.15% is plenty.



Hi @Plunderdrum & @Pentine,

I ordered some NF flavors from DIYVS. Because there is little information about the extracts online I called Natures Flavors and DIYVS directly regarding the carrier and extract info. I have provided my notes below.

Customer Service Representative: Xia (zee-ya) - 9/14/2017
Email: CustomerService@Naturesflavors.com
Website: https://www.naturesflavors.com/279-flavor-extracts

General Extract Info:
■ Carrier: Cane Alcohol & Natural Flavors | Contain Diacetyl
■ Organic Extract - Not Concentrate

Customer Service Representative: DIYVS - Jim Kipila - 9/14/2017
Phone: 248-558-2003
Email: sales@diyvaporsupply.com

Product Info: Sweet Corn - Organic Cane Alcohol & Natural Flavors

  • Batch # (BN) On Receipt: [ ]

Mixing Percentage: Around 5% & ↑ 6%
– Ex. Mints, Non Cream Flavors might be lower than 5% because of potency

Nature’s Flavors General Info:
• NF Extracts: May or May not Contain Diacetyl (depends on the flavor)
• NF Carrier: Could have either water / ethyl alcohol / organic cane alcohol solution

DIYVS General Info:
• What they send us is what we sell. We buy and just re-bottle it. Put the batch #'s for it. • We do not tamper or dilute flavors.

MSDS Request Sheet: Provided by Jim Kipila via email request



Wonderful, I have been trying to contact DIYVS for some time now regarding this with no success. Glad to see you got a hold of them. Just got a few in 2 weeks ago and made some single flavors, will post the notes here after I figure them out. The ones I got were:

Lemon- Top Notes
Cream Cheese
Cake Batter



Awesome Pentine. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this thread. I’ll also be making SF testers this weekend and will post my results here. I have high hopes for some of them.



Hi! I’ve been wondering how everyone is formatting these in their flavor stash. I don’t have it right,
e.g… "Peanut Butter Extract (Organic) (NF)"
How do you all enter them?
Using the drop down menu to find the most-used version seems to bring up different formats. Do you have a desired method for these, @daath?


Nature’s Flavors: essential information

It should end in (NF) - Personally I would use “Flavor name (Organic) (NF)” - I’d use “(Organic)” only if there is a non-organic version though :wink:



So, ditch the “Extract” portion of mine and I got It?
Thanks for the quick response!



Yes! “Peanut Butter (Organic) (NF)” if there is a non-organic “Peanut Butter (NF)” :slight_smile:

I always correct it to the simplest version that is accurate. A surprising number of people write stuff like “Strawberry Flavor Extract By PA”, “Strawberry Flavoring” or stuff like that :smiley:



Boy, is there! They have concentrates, organic concentrates, regular extracts, organic extracts, organic extracts without diacetyl, etc… thats why i put the word Extract in there to begin with. We are not supposed to inhale their concentrates. The version diyvs carries are the organic extracts, not diacetyl-free. Which is great. Thanks for helping me sort this out!



Given they have syrups, creams, organic and non, etc., I’d vote leave it! Simply because their site is such a pain to navigate, I can easily see a “real newbie” picking up the wrong thing there.

Amoretti’s website has a similar difficulty in navigation IMO. Very easy to land on an unexpected flavor that may not be what you’re looking for.

But NF and Amoretti are more exceptions to the rule, as vaping flavors and the database go.

I think anything (especially one additional word in parenthesis) that has the potential to save them from getting the wrong variant, would be a good thing… But of course, YMMV, and our supreme leader has the final say! chuckles



True, given that NF concentrates are verboten, and they have so many types to avoid, I think instead of ditching it, maybe it should be parenthesized.
Peanut Butter (Organic Extract) (NF) (?)



Ooooh way to complicate things! (NF) lol

I would bet just organic would be good enough, but that is an assumption /nervous gulp

Of course, if there’s no organic variant… Then just (extract) (NF) would be my 2¢.

Things like this, and the recent Olive Nations misunderstanding (and looming question as to the “added KVM logo”), in addition to all the obvious accidental or uninformed entries with the “normal” brands, is why I’m a staunch supporter for the idea of having a “full time” flavor database “coordinator” or curator (similar to the way we have forum moderators). :wink:

PS: I meant in addition to daath of course! (He can’t possibly be expected to carry everything IMO) :laughing:
You do beyond phenomenal man! No unintentional slight intended (for those who might have read it as such).



I am with you on this; they have so many damn variations from organic to extracts to concentrates to diacetyl free… Ugh! I would have never given them a try if DIY Vapor Supply did not stock them. I just had no idea where to start.



We are only to use extracts from NF because the concentrates have gums to help the flavor stay in food and not evaporate. Using an extract in a cake for instance will lose all the flavor in baking. The extracts are organic and have flavors plus cane alcohol. They also have one with alcohol and VG which is safe to vape and is called coffee and tea flavors. The reason they used vg is to help the flavor stick to the beans better. Ever notice how gourmet coffee beans look shiny? It’s vg mixed into the flavoring. I use the organic diacetyl free extract and buy direct. More info than you wanted but it’s kinda interesting



The more the merrier! Thanks! I knew about the gums in the concentrates, and at least knew to avoid them. Didnt know about the cake and coffee info, though, so always happy to expand the mental filing cabinet! I’m ok with diketones, so diyvs is a cheap alternative for samples to try out. I have a few that I’m glad I went for the cheapies! Any luck with Pumpkin NF? So far, at 2.5%, it tastes like Chai NF.