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Nature's Flavors Reviews


Hardly!! Some great info there!
Thanks for sharing!



Dont know if anyone had tried diy vapor supply stevia in pg but is excellent its the only sweetener i use. .5% - 2% without any off flavors or after taste, it even works in creams quite nicely.



Pumpkin organic NF is probably the best tasting pumpkin I’ve tried. I’m not detecting any spice. Just pumpkin. Although they do have a pumpkin pie also that I have had for a while but never tried. Haha that’s half my supply…have but never tried. Crazy hobby we got ourselves into!



It is! I’m going to have to give their pumpkin another shot. I’m assuming yours is the organic extract without diacetyl, yes? What is your SF% preference?



I haven’t tried that. Thanks for the tip! I was using erythritol in my first month or so, but when it ran out I just decided not to use any sweetener. If I give the sweetness another go, I’ll remember this tip.

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Diacetyl free yes and haven’t messed with pumpkin a lot but when I do its in something. Haven’t made a SF of it.



Good to know. I’ve never tried Stevia for e-liquid and I’ve only used the “alcohol free” NuNaturals Liquid Stevia in coffee. I found that one in specific, has less of a “battery” taste. You don’t taste anything alkaline in this sweetener from DIYVS?

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That’s awesome! Did you buy from DIYVS or from the manufacturer directly? Can you give a link? I’m SF testing the Organic Sweet Corn & Organic Corn (purchased from DIY Vape Supply). At a 1 week steep so far, it is harsh. I can taste the corn flavors for sure, but the total flavor is coated with this overwhelming taste and aroma of a bitter & harsh caustic note.



Yes, if you are just starting in DIY e-liquid Nature Flavors website is not a good place to start out picking concentrates. Besides all the different concentrates they also sell emulsions which we should absolutely not vape as they contain vegetable gum.

However, when you become more informed of what you can mix with, Nature Flavors has a seemingly endless library of flavorings that can be used and may be the only solution to find “that” one flavor you are searching for in order to bring you success for a certain recipe. I have found this true with several recipes of mine in the past.

Most of the Organic Extracts are ok but some of them have sugar but they do tell you on the site whether they do or not. Nature Flavors have said as far back as 2012 or so that the Coffee and Tea flavoring line is the most suitable for vaping. There is a lot to choose from there too…



I believe that without a doubt! :smiley:

More excellent tips!!

Loving this thread folks! Thank you, and Keep’em coming!!



No battery taste at all, at 1.5% theres no artificial taste at all just moderate sweetness, at 2% a very slight artificial taste is detectable in delicate mixes and creams, but strong flavors are perfect at 2%. On a side note stevia is by far in my opinion the safest sweetner out there, it is a very tough molecule that doesnt break down til 750 degrees and it has very little glycemic response on your blood chemistry.



Awesome. Thank you. :smiley:

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Hi all,
These are the notes found in my flavor stash. If you have any other opinions on this flavor please let me know.


Sweet Corn (Organic) - Nature’s Flavors

General Extract Info:
■ Carrier: Cane Alcohol & Natural Flavors | Contain Diacetyl
■ Organic Extract - Not Concentrate

DIYVS - Jim Kipila
■ Product Info: Sweet Corn - Organic Cane Alcohol & Natural Flavors
■ Batch # (BN) On Bottle: [ 45561213 ]
■ Mixing Percentage: Around 5% & ↑ 6%
– Ex. Mints, Non Cream Flavors might be lower than 5% because of potency

■ SF Test: 5% | 60/40 | Wasp Nano | 316L SS Fused Clapton | Organic Japanese Cotton

►First Impressions

• Knuckle Test | Smell / Taste:
— Authentic Light Aroma: Sweet Corn with *Alcohol / Chemical & Astringent Note = 4 out of 5 intensity
— Lightly Sweetened Yellow Corn | Astringent / Sharp with a Bite

9/23/017 (1 Week Steep :heavy_check_mark:)

► Smell / Taste / Feel
• Tester Bottle Aroma: ★Same - Sweet Corn with Alcohol & Astringent Note | ★Aroma Intensity Same

• Knuckle: Lightly Sweetened Yellow Corn with Lingering Astringent Note | Slight ↓ in “Bite”

• Vape: Aroma of a Dryer / Harder Corn | Alkaline / More “Bitter” Corn Flavor
--------|★Rougher Mouth Feel | Almost ★Caustic & ★Dirty

► Notes
• Rough Chemical / Astringent Coating over Corn

9/30/2017 (2 Week Steep :heavy_check_mark:)

► Smell / Taste / Feel
• Tester Bottle Aroma: Overall Alcohol / Astringent Note ↓ = 3 out of 5 Intensity

• Knuckle: Corn Sweetness ↑ & ↓ Bite ↓ | Astringent Note Remains but ↓

• Vape: ↑ of “Corn” Aroma & Flavor but blanketed with a softer Alkaline flavor | ↑ in Flavor Intensity = Med.
--------| Cleaner Mouth Feel | ↓ in Dryness

► Notes
• Noticeable ↓ in overall Rough, Chemical, & Astringent Notes, but still Present
• Chemical Aftertaste remains on tongue & roof of mouth long after vaping★

10/08/2017 (3.1 Week Steep FINAL :heavy_check_mark:)

► Smell / Taste / Feel
• Tester Bottle Aroma: Unchanged from Wk 2 ✓
--------| Light “Sweet” Corn with Alcohol & Astringent Note| ★Astringent Note Intensity = 3 out of 5

• Knuckle: Unchanged from Wk 2✓
-------| Semi Sweet “Cooked” Corn | Sweetness - Med.Light | Astringent / Chemical Note - Mod-Heavy

• Vape: Overall Unchanged from Wk 2 | Slight ↓ in Chemical Flavor ✓
--------| Cooked Corn Aroma covered with Alkaline Flavor | Light -Med. Corn Flavor Intensity & Sweetness
--------| Light Body | Semi Watery but Dry Mouth Feel

► Notes
• Off Notes: Chemical,Alkaline & Astringent Notes appear Not to Steep Out *Heavy
• Lingering Chemical Aftertaste
★★May need to purchase other “Sweet Corn” formulations from Manufacturer Directly★★

► Usage: .5 - 1.5 % min | 2 - 3% med | 4 -5% max
Mix: 1.5 - 3%

■ Sub: Sweet Corn (HC) 5★’s



@daath, could we get a final supreme leader word on this? Above, you wrote:

DIYVS only sells one type… Organic Extracts.
But, on NFs main site, as mentioned above they sell concentrates and syrups, which nobody should use, (so there does seem to be a need to use “Extract” in the name), and they sell “Organic Extracts Without Diacetyl” that some people do use, and regular Extracts, and (what I’m using) Organic Extracts.

Mind-numbing… I’m sorry I had to drag you back into this! But, I want to make it easier on you and the team when you get around to merging the NF mess in the flavor stash database, by already having mine how you would like them.

Organic Extract version: may contain diacetyl

  1. Asparagus (Organic Extract) (NF)
  2. Asparagus (Organic) (Extract) (NF)
  3. Asparagus (Organic) (NF)
  4. Asparagus (NF Organic)
  5. Organic Asparagus (NF) <–this is how diyvs lists them on invoice
  6. Organic Asparagus Extract (NF)
  7. ??

Organic Extract Without Diacetyl version:

  1. ??

Say Extract one more time…



If you are on the NF site, the only thing we mixers need to get are the diacetyl free organic extracts OR the organic extracts for coffee and tea.

I tried some of their organic hot cocoa mix and it is by far the worst tasting crap I’ve ever had! Made me sick. I had to tell them my experience with the product which I never do…but that shit needs to be pulled. Sooo gross. I kept it and will be sending out some for ELR Xmas presents.



That’s super funny!! I kinda want to try it!

I’m using the Organic Extracts from this category:

I looked through the coffee and tea flavor section,]those are the ones with a little vg in them to coat coffee beans, I see. Is there something wrong with the regular Organic Extracts I’m using? I see you didn’t list them just now.



I’m using the diacetyl free organic extracts. I’d be more than thrilled to send you some of the super nasty organic hot cocoa non dairy shit. It’s pure shit. I took a swig and blew it out in the sink.



haha! Maybe it needed some extra cream and sugar? I’ll pass on it, but thanks!



Just tried Strawberry Shortcake (NF) at 3%, just over 24hrs steep. Very promising. A pleasant strawberry creamy flavor with no bite or off notes. I’ll get back in a few weeks with an update. Anyone else have this one? No notes on recipe side.

Update: Two weeks, and it’s a smooth creamy strawberry pie filling, smooth like French Silk Pie is smooth, but Strawberry instead of Chocolate. It’s working really well in a Strawberry Malt(“Jack Straw”) recipe I have steeping, too. Used at 3% in both SF and in the mix. Should be useful mixed into any creamy Strawberry recipe to add a smooth creaminess.



Sorry - Catching up on the mountain of mentions, private messages and mails from my vacation!

If there is only one version that should be vaped, then the name should be simplified as much as possible - If there is no other vaping alternative for “Flavor name” then it should be called “Flavorname (brand)” without “extract”, “organic” or anything else fluffy :smiley: