Nature's Flavors Suppliers

I’m gearing up to finally buy some NF. Why? Because they’re PG-free (essential in my case). highly concentrated natural extracts, with an awsome range of flavours. I’ve spotted any number of flavours on their site that have no equivalent at all in the Real Flavours and Medicine Flower ranges. I’m partuclarly keen to get their butter , their raisin, their burnt sugar, and some of their alcoholic drink flavours such as brandy, pinot and cider.

So, I’ve been scouring the web for NF suppliers, I mean really and the results are intersting.

Sadly there appear to be no NF supplier at all in Britain :cry: (guess where I live?)
There are a number of suppliers in the USA ( including NF themselves) and a few in Oz.(all with pathetically limited range) None of these suppliers have anything like the full range. Only one has a really good selection.

Here’s best outlet that I’ve found.
173 NF flavours! (but they are still missing a lot - notably the raisin). And at only $1.99 for 10ml, this is definitely the place I’d go to.

…except they don’t deliver outside the USA! :rage:

Next-best seems to be this place:

Much smaller range than the other place, but at least they DO post to Britain. And it would be a pretty good selection of flavours…if you hadn’t seen all the rest first!

NB. High Desert’s prices start at $1.99, but this turns to mean the “sample size”- fair enough, but when you ret to irder the sample size, it’s nearly always out-of-stock :rofl:. So, if you put in an order just save yourself the frustration and choose the 10ml size instead at $3.99

I actually went as far at to select about $40 worth of their concentrates, and got as far as the checkout with them . Postage and pre-paid tax came to more than $60. not unexpecedly! So then I started thinking hmm that comes to $10 per concentrate, so I wnt back and selected some more, so as to get better value from my opackage. Then I hit the checkout again (yep! netter value this time!) and started filling in my card details, Then I stopped (did I tell you that I’m extreme;y indecisive?) .

I till wasn’t getting my raisin (I badly want raisin) nor was I getting half the flavours I’d seen, and wanted on the other site . And i was paying twice as much. Plus postage.

Hell, might as well go to NF themselves and pay their compararively huge prices (for bigger sized bottles, mind…but then, .eek! higher postage)

So I went back to to here:

Now, I actually opened an account on that site, about a year ago, , made a wish liist and everything…but then I became horribly indecisive (wouldn’t you know it?) Here’s why:

A) I’d already noticed that you get them in a much more convenient size, at much cheaper prices elsewhere
B) They do this horrible, horrible thing with their prices:
Oganic Extract (various flavours) 1 oz: $12, 2oz: $14; 8oz: $18.
So, if you’re like me, you really , really don’t wanna pay $12 for 1 oz, not when 8oz comes so cheap. But hey! WTF would I do with 8oz? :rofl: Hell, I don’t even know that i’m gonna really like those flavours yet. And then, there’s also that extra postage for all the extra weight, and the money-grubbing British Customs and Excise who charge ypu 20% tax on the freaking postage, as well as on the contents of the packet. Seriously!)

So , yeah, of course I become extremely indecisive all over again. And then I scoured the web again, just in case I’ve missed something.

Yeah, I did miss something, FWIW: Nature’s Flavors have at least three clone sites , exact same products, marketed. at exact same prices, from same damned location, under a different name. What the heck is the point of that?

It looks to me like they are geared towards suppluying industry anyway, not a humble little mixer like myself

I suppose there’s a thousand-to-one chance that I missed something more useful?


I go back and forth like this usually when I dont really need something but want it anyway. I went over board on liquids from the start, even though I tried so hard not to. I tend to do this with everything I get into .

Why not start with the supplier closest to you and just get a few flavors and be sure you like them?
As far as the 8 oz, I wouldnt do this unless you love it! This is how companies get you. I know I am one of the suckers who fall for it

Another option, maybe someone else across the pond closer to you will see this and go in on an order. Share shipping and even go for bigger sizes and split them

Good luck, I feel for you


Thanks :slight_smile: , There is no NF supplier in Britain! None at all! Nor in the rest of Europe, There’s a good RF supplier, near me, and an OK-ish MF supplier…but I’ve now started buying my MF from abroad to get the flavours that I really, really want. And I don;t regret that, because those MF flavours really are awesome, and will last for bloody ages. But MF is more than £20 a pop (even when bought locally) so I’d sooner start exploring NF next, than buy more MF just now… and whichever way i buy the NF flavours , they will work out cheaper than MF!
Anyways , butter is something pretty basic, isn;'t it? and the only butter I can get here (in PG-free concentrates) is the Kandi-Hed Buttery Butter. That’s fine (tastewise) but very dilute…and it seems a bit of a shame to adulterate my natural, organic recipes with that… after spending so much dosh on the other ingredients!

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PS. @Lexie3 , working with PG-free flavours from Britain is insanely difficult., because they are just about all made in the USA! and nobody but Rainbow Vapes stocks a really good range of flavours …and that really good range are all RF. If you don’t like RF grape for instance, then you are stuffed for a grape flavour

Ofc I don’t strictly need a full range of flavours . I can make do . And I have made do, in the past, cos I just couldn’t afford to do otherwise. But it’s frustrating, to be unabl;e to round out some of my recipes with tjhe flavour that I really think they need, just because that flavour isn’t available in Britain… at least not in PG-free form. So, yeah I can do without, but I don’t think it’s actually that extravaganent to buy stuff in from the USA, all things considered. So long as I don’t go too wild, It’s still a lot cheaper than smoking!

Anyway, i thought those links and other info might be useful to others who want to get into NF flavours (I noticed a bit of interest in NF on the forum lately) . Might save them from faffing around on Google all day! :rofl:


Oh I can imagine it is totally frustrating. I am sure others will appreciate what you have learned so far

Is the cost of shipping that high to Britian? Im just thinking here if it would be cheaper for someone from US to but it and mail, or is that just a silly idea and wont save much? I never mailed a heavy package over seas onyl letter size, so I have no idea at all

I hope someone else needs some flavor and ya’ll can split the frieght…seems like best idea to me, but easier said then done

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Yep, your USA shipping is possibly the costliest on Earth! That’s why I was looking at Aussie companies :rofl:. Not many of 'em ship abroad, but when they do, it’s a damned sight cheaper.

The shipping cost though are nothing, though, compared with the cost of having to buy from NF direct, rather than DIYVS. groan cos DIYVS don’t do International shipping at all. Finding fellow Brits who wants to buy NF too, won’t help me there…uness we join fprces to crawl to a local concentrate supplier and beg 'em to import/rebottle NF! ( I think I’d need a lot of fellow Brits for that to stand a chance of working!)

I had similar issue when i wanted to buy MF from ECX. ECX actually do international shipping, but ordering from 'em them proved impossible, cos of some stupid , unworkable, new verification system that VISA USA had imposed on the e-cig companies.

I must say, @Plunderdrum offered to help me out there, by ordering on my behallf and sending on,for me bless him! As it happened, that never actually happened, cos I’d dropped off the forum out of sheer fatigue, plus RL shit before we could work out all the details. And I wound up ordering from MF direct. But I do remain grateful for the offer :slight_smile: And if he’s willing to offer again (with this!) I’d bite his hand off! But surely wouldn’t blame him at all , if not.

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Here’s an idea?
Group buy amongst forum members with the concentrates being bought in the U.S. By an American member and posted as a gift to us Brits/ Europeans that have trouble sourcing them in a cost effective manner.
Could work?


I like that idea :rofl:
But to take it seriously: I’d be up for a group buy, and for paying extra (a lot extra, I fear) to have it sent on to Britain. But it would need to be a boody big order to make it worth the postage, believe me.

posting as “gift” can save on duty , Is that what you’re thinking? But there won;'t be much duty anyway, if any. The biggest cost by far is the actual postage (compounded by 20% VAT on the postage), I don;t think you can save on postage by posting as a “gift” ?

That’s exactly what I said lmao… well not the gift option one option anyway

Am I to understand you’d be interested in such a group buy, @Chewy Might as well use this thread to make a roster!

We stiill need that helpful American, though .
And one of will need to split the package and post it off to the the various other Brits,

I do not volunteer for that! I surely don’t mind the work, but I can’t be relied upon :frowning: . I’m ill too often, and rarely get out. Wouldn’t want to keep people hanging.

Sorry Jay, not in a position just now for any extra flavours. Just tossing an idea out there that hopefully would be a solution for yourself and others who would like the opportunity to group buy.
No harm in getting a list together though?

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Ah well, Yeah, might as well make a list…If anyone other than myself is interested, that is! :rofl: Heck, i’d make do with Self + helpful American . That would simplify the distribution at this end wouldn’t it? :rofl: But self self self just isn’t a list, is it?

i always go to NF directly and now buy the 2oz instead of the 1oz because of the price. seems when i buy direct, they make the stuff fresh whereas who knows how long the stuff has been sitting on the shelf at the other vendors.


Send them an email with your concerns. They are reasonable and may offer suggestions.

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Not a bad idea. I might just do that, Thanks :slight_smile:

Shipping the slow way might be cheapest and priority is only beneficial after 4 pounds weight.

I’m surprised Chef’s doesn’t carry them. Shoes, those guys have more flavors than anyone else I’ve seen, even here in the US. They have practically everything. LoL @BathVaper, you seem to have a decent working relationship with them or at least know the ins and outs of all their flavors. DO they carry them as some rebottled something or other? If not, do you think there’d be a market large enough to convince them to carry them?


Hi Jo Jo! I’m a bit puzzled by the change in thread title.

Obviously , my personal interest is in getting supplies for myself- and it follows that they must ship to Britain. But, then, after spending all day (literally!) on the internet tracking down all the NF suppliers (so far as I can honestly tell), I figured this thread would be an useful resource for anybody buying NF

I have providing links all the most useful suppliers …all three of them! yeah, I know that’s much , but honerstly, those I didn’t trouble linking to all had a pathetically limited range - much smaller than High Desert Vapes, and would really be of no particular interest to anyone who’s looking for NF, specifically.

And -as you might have noticed- the most useful of these( re. price and range) doesn’t ship internationally at all. That didn’t stop me posting the link!

Anyways, what I’m saying in short is: I don’'t want all that work to be wasted , so what shall we do? Shall you change the title back? Or shall I make a second thread, that just lists the suppliers and doesn’t mention shipping to Britain? (though could usefully note whether they do international shipping or not,. which is the actual issue here) I mean, basically, I could make a srttipped-down vesion of that post, that pretty much leaves all the personal narrative out. Your call!

Hmm, I could even post a couple of tyhose disappointing links, if ya like, to show just how disappointing it gets , after HDV

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re, Chef’s: well, I don’t wanna keep pulling the Chef’s Rebranding thread off -topic, now we;ve clearly established that Chef’s don’t sell NF rebranded, but I just got a nice reply from them , saying …well damn I’d better post about it there after all, because it’s mostly irrelevant to this thread , apart from this line:

"I will pass a message onto my manager about stocking more PG free concentrates and hopefully we can stock more in the up coming future to give customers like yourselves more selection. "

No specific mention of NF, as you see, but,maybe if a bunch of other people write to them specifically requesting NF…? Worth a shot, hmmm?


I live in Portugal, and I buy flavors from Chefs frequently … I would also like to see the NF flavors line available! But I’d be happy to order organic flavors, such as MF’s! :yum:

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