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Nautilus 2



Great review! :+1:

I commented on youtube but not for the giveaway :slight_smile:


Nicely done Dan!


Thank you sir. Are you in on the giveaway?


Thanks for the review!


Nah, I’m good man. Don’t do MTL.


Awesome review Dan! But, I’m DTL all the way :smile:


Nice review , Dan. I’ve vacillated over getting this tank for so long that hey! now I’ve finally made up my mind to take the plunge, i’ve found that the Nautilus 2s tank is now out-. supposed to be good for either MTL or DTL!

Ofc , i dunno if it will live up to tha claim , or just prove equally crap either way, but i’ve had good experiences with Aspire kit , thus far, so i took the plunge on that, despite the shortage of reviews, and will soon have the very latest kit for the first time in my life. My little Christmas present to self :slight_smile:

Just don’t expect me to review it, cos , well, i just don’t do reviews, would prolly be crap at it. I’m just hoping this little note will prick somebody else’s interest :grin:


Did you already purchase it then? Because eightvape.com has it for 15 bones


oops ! i did
But , then again, I’m in the UK, so …
but, well, anyways thanks for the tip-off. :slight_smile: