Nebox rba, needing help

Hey I’m really needing help with the rba section on my nebox. After 30 attempts to build the coil and wick it I finally got it right lol. The problem I have now is I keep getting dry burns. Usually I chain vape but is it just that I can’t really do that with an rba or?
I’m using cotton bacon and A1 kenthol, 24g with the coil reading at 0.4.

I can only have 2 puffs before it tastes abit burnt.
I’m so confused by it all, hoping it gets easier at some point because it was a lot of waste trying to get my first one right

Nm lol seems it just needed breaking in abit

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Try a spaced coil instead of contact coil. When I chain Vape like a chimney, I have better luck with spaced coils.

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I will try that next time, thanx. Is there an easy way to do them spaced? I feel like I’m useless at making coils, considering it took me 30attempts to make one that worked lol

Make them like normal then grab ends of coil pull to stretch coil, then put back on to screw driver, coil jig, Press coil back together gently, also holding ends of wire with pliers pulling tight.

As a newbie to coil building and wicking, it sounds like you don’t have enough cotton to me.

I’ve had this same problem several times when I was first trying to get the hang of it, and then I did a YouTube search which solved multiple problems I was having at once.

Lookup “cheesebanana” and “Scottish wick roll” and watch it very closely about 3-4 times!
Once I went to what I would have previously thought was “over stuffing”, I have to agree with Cheesebanana: “the rest are wrong”.

Also concur with the above idea about using spaced coils (especially if you chain vape)!

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I couldn’t fit more cotton through the coil. I did go from 2.5 to 3mm and that helped a lot.

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