Need a coconut mango juice for cig quitter

hi friends,
a friend of mine finaly ordered a melo3 tank to quit cigarettes.

he asked me for a coconut mango juice

i have tfa coconut extra and inawera shisha mango

i have all kind of creams additives or marshmallow but i wanna keep it simple

any suggestions?

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You could try:

1.5-2% Mango Shisha (Ina)
1% Coconut Extra (needs a long steep out imo)
0.5% Marshmallow (FA)

Just a random creation so not sure how it will work out in reality!

Things to consider: Do they want more mango/more coconut/equal blend? Whatever you make will need tweaking for their taste buds - especially if they are only just giving up cigs. They may want something sweeter - in which case you could swap out the MM for TPA Sweetner.

Also - you might wanna take a look at the mango/coconut recipes over on the recipe side for inspitration:

Have fun!


thank you.
he wants more coco.
is three days steep enough?
im sure he wouldn’t mind extra ingredients if you tell me let’s say a hint of fuji works well or pistachio or whatever

maybe no strawberry because the second juice will be strawberry kiwi something.
but that is easy to find.
i just had a hard time finding simple mango coco recipes.

For me, Coconut Extra needs a good few weeks to settle, but that doesn’t mean it will be the same for your friend cos all our taste buds are different.

There’s some info on flavour pairing in this thread, if you’re looking at expanding. Personally, based on your stash, I don’t think I’d add anything else to it. I think it would be lovely with a hint of banana/papaya/maybe some other tropical fruits (maybe give some thought to this when you next order concentrates). Not sure how well the coconut/mango would play out with the citrus fruits you have.

I don’t really play around with many fruits (although I really should start, given the amount in my stash :rofl:). Maybe hold out and see what other suggestions you get!

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I haven’t tried the shisha mango, but from the notes it looks like it tastes like under ripe mango… is that what you get from it? If so, I’d probably add a juicy layer to the mix. Peach hides easily behind mango, so juicy peach tpa could work there. I get quite the bite from coconut extra tpa, so I might start a little lower than 1% (just for my personal tastes), and then add in a little pineapple. My reasoning is that pineapple as a background note can kind of trick your brain into thinking “coconut”. I think sweetening this mix would be beneficial too.

I’d start with something like this:
Mango shisha INW 2%
Juicy Peach TPA 1%
Coconut extra TPA .75%
Golden Pineapple CAP 1%
Sweetener (whatever you like)

And then based on how that steeps (I would wait a week to start testing), you could add just a smidgen of cream if there are sharp notes hanging around.


i will try this exact recipe now,

thank you so so much

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Sweet! Let us know how it turns out!

i will for sure,
just waiting for my friend to tell me if pineapple and peach are ok for him,

edit. he said: that sounds nice :slight_smile:

so you will get your feedback

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If it turns out how I’m imagining it in my head (which doesn’t always happen…lol) I think your main profile will still be coconut mango. The other flavors should (hopefully) just round out and beef up your profile. Good luck!


would you use em or sucralose? or both?

tfa sweetener is both right?

but i also have cap super sweet and regular em

Tpa is both em and sucralose, cap ss is… Sucralose at 20% i believe … I’d start with maybe 1-2 drops of cap ss per 10ml of liquid. The em in the tpa probably won’t hurt the mix, but I’d wait to try sweetening with em until you know how strong the juice steeps, just so you don’t mute it too much.

and i feel like adding 0,5 of marshmallow or meringue or both idk,
you think its a good idea?

Out of those two I’d probably go with mm. The meringue might give it a mouth feel that is off… Then again it could be awesome. Lol

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ok ok
i will start now

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calling it MangoConut and loving the smell already


i added 0.75 FA Fuji
and 0.5 ethyl maltol

coconut is almost not there. maybe i should double it next time to 1.5%, or maybe it’s the wrong coconut (tfa coconut extra)

but so far it’s really good.
my sister tried it and she really likes.

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I just got flavorah sweet coconut, from the sounds of it I think that might work well in this recipe. Once I test it I’ll give you my thoughts compared to coconut extra.

Good!! :tada:

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