Need advice on Eleaf Tria

Good day,

I want to purchase a new kit(not sure what the correct lingo is) but need some advice. I don’t know much about Vaping yet but hopefully that will change.

I started using a Ego AIO a few months ago but am looking for a bigger and more powerful device. Based on what I read and advice given to me by friends I scratched Smok and Wismec off my list and narrowed my search to the Eleaf Tria or the Smoant Battlestar. I will be using it for flavor and clouds. Someone told me the Tria is great for cloud chasing but for regular use it sucks as it’s 300w.But surely I don’t have to use it constantly at 300w and can adjust it to say around 70w if I’m not after clouds and only want to satisfy my nicotine addiction?Do you think the Tria is a good buy?I am a DTL Vaper.

If the Battlestar is a better option which will be better:RDA or RTDA?I live in South Africa and can’t find a complete kit for the Battlestar, only the mod.


This would definitely be leaps and bounds better than most other brands/options out there (in the price range!)

Of course you don’t have to use a mod at 150w (much less 300w)! But, the lower you use it (from it’s max available power), means the longer time you have available in battery life!
So if you expect to vape at 70w, I wouldn’t choose a mod that can only deliver 80w to 100w, as you’ll be changing batteries more frequently.

Unfortunately, the RDA vs RDTA isn’t nearly as easily answered IMO, as it depends heavily on your vaping style, and what you prefer.

Anything will work if you’re “only going after nicotine”. But I’ll leave suggestions on this to others!

Good luck in finding your happy spot (in gear)!


The kit you found of the Eleaf Tria, did that come with RDA or RDTA?

The one I found includes the following:

Package includes:
1x Eleaf iStick Tria1 Mod (no cell)
1x Ello S 2.0ml Tank
1x HW3 Triple- Cylinder 0.2ohm Head (pre-installed)
1x HW4 Quad- Cylinder 0.3ohm Head
1x Air Pipe
1x Glass Tube (4.0ml)
3x Seal Rings
1x Warranty Card
1x USB Cable
1x Manual and 1x Vape Band

I’m not sure exactly what Rda and Rtda stands for, I was told it’s the atomizer?

Thanks for the reply man. I really appreciate it.

I keep going back and forth between the two and really like the Battlestar but just want to make sure before I buy something I’ll regret😁


Those stand for Rebuildable Drip Atomizer or Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer.
In these devices you build your own coils. The ones you found for the Tria are not rebuildable and you have to buy replacebles for them.

EDIT: if you are going for building your own coils with RDA’s or RDTA’s, I would suggest doing some research before jumping in that rabbit hole :wink:


I know I ha e heard some people really like their battlestar. @fidalgo_vapes can speak more to that than I.


300 watts is a lot of watts and I have to wonder whats the need? I only know of one member here that vapes in that range and I question his mental stability. Ok, Ok, I bought a Smok 350 four battery monster myself because, well, I had to try it. Great for starting the lawn tractor if it’s battery is low. It has a full year of dust on it.

All joking aside I don’t own either of those mods but I do own both Smoant and Eleaf products and respect both. I prefer Smoant. I doubt you’ll get burned with either.


the mod is great, my favorite as a matter of fact
but im not sure if the OP is talking about the mod or rdta

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Battlestar :+1:


ok ive read some of the thread and now know its the mod we are talking about so all i can say is Buy it i couldnt see anyone not liking this mod , i love smoant products and out of the three i own
battlestar , charon tc not ts , and cylon the battlestar is my favorite by far

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Thank you to everyone for the replies. I appreciate it immensely. I almost went for the Tria but based on your opinions I decided to get the Battlestar.

I can get the mod but I’m having trouble deciding between RTA and RDTA. Can you recommend between the 2?Are there any options for the Battlestar where I don’t have to build my own coils?

The battlestar is rumoured to be a very solid and durable mod, though it is a bit dated and smoant has many newer and more advanced mods, but if the battlestar is what is available to you then I don’t think you will regret it.

As for a tank, then Smoant doesn’t make any stock-coil tanks to my knowledge. There is however a ton of different tanks from other companies that will work perfectly fine on the battlestar (they all use a standard 510 connection), you just have to buy the mod and tank separately instead of as a kit.

You could of course also start building your own coils, which is much easier than most expect, the difficult part is in fact the wicking. But I will still recommend that you start with stock coils, and then consider buying a RTA/RTDA in half a year or so.

Between the Smoant RTA and RDTA then I don’t have any experience with either, but it is generally easier to learn to build on a RDTA, whereas getting the wicking right on a RTA can be a bit tricky. On the other hand RDTA’s can leak quite a bit if they are left on their side on in a pocket, whereas RTA’s are more portable without leaking.

Edit: Just noticed you said the battlestar wasn’t available as a kit. In that case I will definitely recommend that you buy a tank from another company, depending on what tanks are available to you.

OK, after spending the day searching for a seller for the Battlestar I found one which have one in stock but I won’t be buying from him as he’s a little shady to say the least. So the Battlestar will have to wait for the time being. The website where I wanted to buy it from originally don’t have it in stocks anymore.

I am now looking at the other Smoant mods and the Charon TS caught my eye.Do you guys think that will be a wise choice?
Same with the Battlestar I can only get the mod, everything else like batteries, tank etc. I will have to buy separately.It doesn’t look as though I will have any trouble getting those as there are a wide variety available from different manufacturers.

Once again thank you for the replies, it really helps a lot

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The battlestar is out of stock in a lot of online stores the only place i could find was buybest (vendor in the vendors section here). I have not dealt with them before.

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Personally I would go with either the Cylon or the new Charon Mini, but that is just me, I have no reason to believe the Charon TS wouldn’t be perfectly fine, so if that is what you want, go for it.

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