Need advice on sweeteners

Hi y’all… I have come to realize that Sucralose is causing me some hellacious headaches, and I can’t do the diet soda aftertaste that nearly every juice in the B & M stores all have. This is what started my DIY journey. I am a newbie to this, but have been vaping nearly 7 years now. I love my dessert juices, custards are some of my favorites, Crack Pie has been my ADV. Does anyone have any pointers on what I can do to sweeten them up without Sucralose or Stevia? I would appreciate any help that I can get, thank you!


There are many options on how to sweeten a vape. I tend to use Cotton Candy (FLV) and Super Sweet (Capella) in tiny amounts (0.2%) myself. If you have a recipe you like, you can slowly add drops to suit your taste. They can be found at any online store that has DIY supplies.

Cotton Candy Flavour (TPA), Sweetener (Flavour West) and Honey (Real Flavours) are also good options.

B&M? Are you in Liverpool?


Hi Squirrelsmash! No, I am in Central Texas, where you nearly melt if you walk outside right now. I will def try what you suggested, thank you!


No problem. I hope they do the trick.


No sucralose or stevia is going to be tough, can’t think of a sweetener that doesn’t contain either. You can try a Marshmallow, it will add sweetness and mouthfeel. Meringue is another flavor that can add sweetness.

Careful with cotton candies as at high percentages they can cause muting, stick to 1% or less. Cotton candy flavors are generally ethyl maltol.

I do use super sweet CAP but it has sucralose, so does FW sweetener, TFA and flavorah. Like I mentioned most sweeteners have either sucralose or stevia, a combination of both as well as possibly EM and citric acid.


Erythritol is all I can think of BUT YOU arent going to get the sugar lips type of experience…Try adding SSA Vanilla Sugar or FA Meringue …i use to use Erythritol at 75 pct and Stevia at 25 pct then use that at .5 pct in a mix…The Erythritol takes away that bitter taste you get from stevia and the stevia swertens the Erythritol


Ricks Sugar Mama. No sucralose.
You can grab it at Wizard Labs and OSDIY Shop


Awesome! Thanks y’all so much. I have been wracking my brain here trying to figure it out. I had read about using marshmallow, which is no problem for me. I just didn’t know if there was anything else I could try. I appreciate your help!


Almost all vape sweeteners contain sucralose. I would recommend Neotam for you. The new sweetener from Capella contains Neotame: Capella Extra Sweet. Neotam is 7000 to 13000 times sweeter than sugar and heat stable.


That’s the ticket! And waves to Pastorfuzz!

I have got to remember to grab some of that next month. I have a huge bottle of the Rick’s Sugar Daddy but I have been wanting to try the “Mama” :slight_smile:


Deb50. I thought that was you
I don’t have any of the MAMA either.
I noticed it at Wizard when I got more DADDY last week . I need to try it.
Hold on and I’ll grab a few bottles tomorrow and send you a bottle when it comes in.
Take care


I looked it up. That’s going to be my first choice. It sounds exactly like what I am looking for. Thanks y’all so much! It is much