Need assistance

So should I purchase PG based Nicotine? Another member suggested it was easier to use.

Also, I’ve been wondering about my first recipe I’m going to attempt (CRONUT) its mostly or all VG based and I’m used to a 50/50 type of juice, if I change the ratio is that going to effect the flavor? Or should I just mix the recipe as it is? And just add the nicotine.

Is this recipe considered more advanced? Should I be starting out with something simpler?

Questions… Questions…my mind is racing…


I haven’t even received my first order, or mixed my first recipe and I already was on the website looking for more flavors… I gotta slow down… You are 100% correct.

Let me get at least 1 mix under my belt and I will indeed do as you suggest.


Pg nicotine is easier to use. I use it myself since I found the vg nic to difficult to work with.
The ratio might make a difference to the recipe since pg is a better flavour carrier than vg. You might have to lower the percentage of flavours a little, but then again maybe not.
I just happen to know that the person who made the CRONUT recipe is highly pg sensitive, hence all vg.

I would say just try it, you could make a batch of the recipe as is and another with slightly less flavouring and compare the two.
Always start with small batches, there’s nothing more annoying than having to dump a large bottle of juice because it is :poop:

I don’t know about it being too advanced, it will need quite some time to steep so having some simple recipes that don’t need a lot of steep time is always handy.
Fruits are usually quickly steeped, so if you can find a recipe that is fruit based, without the added creams or custards, you will have something to vape while you’re waiting for the CRONUTS to simmer.

You mix what you feel comfortable with, advanced or not.
I usually steered away from the recipes that had too many flavours, but that’s because I’m lazy and couldn’t be bothered to dig em all up out of a box :grin:

Yeah right, we’ve heard that one before :rofl:
Good luck controlling that wallet when browsing a flavour shop. :money_mouth_face:


Ain’t that the truth.


Ok, I’ll order some PG based nicotine. I’ll also make 2 versions like you suggested, I like that idea.
Is 10ml a good starting point in terms of amount, or would you recommend something else?


10ml is a very good starting point.
I just realised looking at the recipe again that Amy is one of those people who use very low percentages.
You might not have to lower it at all, on the contrary, perhaps you have to add more, but that’s a matter of testing.

That’s the problem with the flavour game, everybody is different. Some have a great taste experience using very low percentages, others not so much.
There’s no right or wrong in that. People who just quit smoking still have to recover their sense of taste and smell and usually start higher than people who’ve been off the smokes for some time.

You’ll have to figure out what works for you. One tip I can give you, don’t go mad buying flavours on the say so of others.
I wasted tons of money on fruit flavours because everybody was raving about it.

I love eating fruit but I can’t stand vaping the stuff, then again, I don’t like eating tobacco either but I just love vaping it :yum:

I just scrolled back up and saw you’ve been vaping for 5 years so you probably know exactly what you like :grin:

I will leave the, in this case useless, advice anyway for any other noob that comes along this topic.
Buy your flavours in small batches peeps, like making your recipes, or risk getting stuck with a bunch of stuff you end up putting in the filter of your vacuum cleaner to at least get a nice smell out of it in your house.


Oh, snap. That’s a good idea!

When I first started I kept my 1-liter bottle of nic. (after I changed containers). Anywho, I dumped all of my crappy recipes into it because I couldn’t bring myself to dump it down the drain. Thankfully it didn’t take the whole liter before I started to make vapable ejuice. I had a friend that would vape anything, as long as it had Nicotine in it. When I gave him that bottle he was overjoyed and insisted on paying me for it. Even after I explained to him what that bottle was. Crazy man, crazy.

@Todd_M just something to keep in mind. Inawera (pronounced Inavera) has several single flavor concentrates that are really quite good IMO. You don’t really need to put anything else in the recipe, only the one concentrate. Of course, you can add anything you want to it also. I am just letting you know in case you want to give them a try.

A couple that I like; CultCumber, Voodoo, Gentleman, and Jungle Frost.

Here are a couple of videos that talk about a couple of them. I have another video that has 3 of those flavors all at once if your interested.


All good things to consider. I guess that’s it for now, just have to wait for the stuff to arrive and give it a go. As always much thanks!
Oh, I other thing to ask… hehe… What do you use to vape when testing? I’ve only used a tank with a sub ohm atomizer. I only vape a few flavors and never had the need for anything else. However, that doesn’t sound very efficient when testing though. I’ve never used anything else like (RTA, RDA). Any recommendations?


It’s funny you should bring that up, I was thinking that I need something simple to vape when going through this process seeing how there are wait times involved. I’ll check it out. I can’t wait for the day I’m no longer a hostage to my e juice supplier!


Greetings @Todd_M , remember to keep nicotine in the freezer, with as little air as possible. The only difficulty with the nicotine that you have is the density of vg, which can make it not well dissolved, giving higher or lower concentrations than the desired. If you mix it well, there should be no problem. You can also mix it with pg, the same amount of milliliters, and you will have 50/50 nicotine and half strength. Just remember to enter the correct values in the calculator.

Sure that recipe is good, Amy is a great mixer …
What flavors do you like? Fruits, creams, desserts, tobacco … Maybe we can suggest some other recipe to start …

No worries, ask what you consider necessary

For flavor tests we usually use RDA, in my case Oumier Wasp Nano, for ease of change and cleaning.
But don’t worry, you don’t want to run too much …


Blending is a long and fun learning process.
It can be simple, or you can take it to a very elaborate process.
Simple: find a recipe that appeals to you, see comments and opinions, try it, adapt it if it is not suitable.
Elaborate: There are many mixers who when they buy aromas, they test them individually, at different percentages and take notes of the nuances in each percentage.
So don’t be in a hurry, it can be a fun hobby, or it can be full dedication.
Get familiar with the use of the calculator, browse the forum, there is a lot of accumulated knowledge, and if in doubt, ask without qualms.
Excuse my grammar, I use the translator.

Mixers that I like their style and I can get the flavors: Alisa, Vladimiros, Amy, Shaner, SmokyBlue and others that I have forgotten …


Hello, I did not know about storing nicotine in the freezer.? Do I store PG and VG nicotine the the freezer? What about the PG and VG concentrate, do I store them in the freezer as well? What about flavors? I never thought to ask about storage of materials? All advice is welcome!

As far my favorite e juice’s I like a wide variety. Right now I’m vaping a Donuts flavor, a Grape Taffy Flavor, and Sweet and Sour Blackberry. I tend to like a strong sweet flavor, but not exclusively.


Thank you for giving me direction to like recipes and mixers, I appreciate it.



Dont need to

Cool , dark place is optimal but a room without lots of light is ok and room temp


How long is the “thaw or warm up” time before I can use the nicotine?


Doing a search “How to store nicotine” get this answers… There is a lot of accumulated knowledge, browse a while, guaranteed learning …


@Todd_M as far as the “thaw” of the NIC, there’s a few things to keep in mind. Some vendors state that NIC can be damaged by repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Also your VG or PG base will have a LOT to do with how long you have to wait before you use it. VG is MUCH thicker, and will be MUCH harder to fully shake and mix before using (to prevent HOT SPOTS), and PG will be much easier to use, even RIGHT out of the freezer. I only use 100% PG NIC, and take a small bottle out of the freezer, shake it, and use it right away.

The best rule is to break down your NIC into multiple smaller bottles, that way you are only opening, using, and freeze/thawing one small bottle at a time, and only exposing one small bottle to air. This way your remaining stash stays untouched, unopened, unexposed to air, until you open the NEXT small bottle.


I do this too. I am sure most of us do. right?

Oh, dude, it’s a wonderful day for sure.


Ok, got it. Do I shake all the ingredients before mixing, or just nicotine?


Shake everything before and after mixing.